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A Very Special Favor

Rock Hudson, Leslie Caron, Charles Boyer, George Furth, Dick Shawn
Sigmund Freud | Adolf Hitler
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Paul Chadwick tells Jacqueline, "If my company wins the case, I’ll be in the mood for molding."
Jacqueline: ”Trust a woman’s instincts.” (0:03)

Claude Daudet answers Paul: "A very sick, crippled old man..." (0:04)

Michel Boullard tells his restaurateur friend Etienne, "I’m so nervous."
Etienne, referring to Michel’s daughter Dr. Lauren Boullard: ”At her age, a prominent psychologist.” (0:11)

Arnold Plum tells Michel, "I’m not a patient." (0:12)

Michel tells Etienne, referring to Lauren, "She’s found the safest hiding place: a psychologist’s office, and not as a patient, but as the doctor."
”In her office she can peek out from behind the books of Freud...” (0:17)

Paul tells his secretary Dorothy, "I have to do some social work for a broken-hearted father." (0:27)

By telephone, Lauren asks Paul, "How long have you had this speech defect?"
”Well, I don't give speech therapy...”
”Have you been in any accident that left you with a head injury? Have you been to a neurosurgeon for an electroencephalograph?” (0:29)

Paul: "Brain damage. Big psychologist." (0:30)

Group psychotherapy session with Lauren.
Lauren, referring to Paul: ”It’s natural for him to be a little inhibited.”
Paul tells Lauren, ”Oh, sure, mother fixations...”
Lauren, referring to Wanda: ”She jumped from the bridge?”
”Unfortunately I can't take on any new individual patients at this time.” (0:30)

By telephone, Lauren tells Paul, "You mustn’t panic."
Lauren: ”... this is a crucial moment in your therapy.” (0:38)

Paul answers his date, "My analyst." (0:38)

Lauren tells Paul, "At the moment you’re tired, you’re confused..." (0:40)

Lauren tells the crowd, "My patient is upstairs." (0:45)

By telephone, Lauren tells her fiance Arnold, "I was trapped in a bus with 98 drunken Bison." (0:45)

Lauren tells Arnold, referring to his mother, "I thought she was afraid of flying."
Lauren tells Arnold, referring to Paul, ”He’s a patient.” (0:47)

Lauren tells Paul, "Your anxieties about women are reaching a psychotic stage. I’m going to prove to you that you can spend an evening with a woman without her attempting suicide..." (0:50)

His mother tells Arnold, "Until then you still have a mother who worries about you." (0:52)

Paul tells Lauren, "Your ego is hurt, and you’re just trying to prove a point." (0:55)

Lauren unconscious from drinking. (0:56)

Another woman tells switchboard operator Mickey, referring to Lauren, "She’s unconscious." (0:56)

Paul tells Arnold’s mother, referring to Lauren, "Shocking." (0:57)

Switchboard operator Mickey tells Paul, "You’re shattering all my illusions."
Paul: ”Be patient.” (0:57)

Lauren tells Paul, "I’m your analyst."
”I don’t remember a thing. I’m so shocked...” (0:59)

Lauren: "Arnold, before I marry you, I’ve got to get drunk."
Arnold: ”Drunk?”
Lauren: ”How do I behave under the influence of alcohol?”
”When I’m drunk, Arnold, will I become a lust-crazed animal...?” (1:02)

Lauren, unconscious (1:03)

Arnold tells Lauren, "You get drunk, disappear..."
”Lauren, you’re on the verge of hysteria.”
Referring to his mother: ”You’re nervous about meeting her.” (1:06)

Michel tells Lauren, "... getting her drunk, and inventing a lurid story..." (1:11)

Michel tells Etienne, "Selfishness."
”They cheered HItler.” (1:13)

His mother tells Arnold, "Drunken women being carried up in elevators..." (1:14)

Mickey asks Paul, "Who’s delivering the lush tonight."
Paul: ”Tonight she’ll be sober.”
Paul: ”That poor girl’s mind has snapped.”
Mickey: ”You rent a straight jacket, and you come over.” (1:15)

Lauren tells Paul, "On Friday El Magnifico took a confused girl into that room." (1:19)

Lauren tells Michel, referring to Paul, "His ego is crushed... I’ve seen patients in this condition..." (1:22)

Lauren tells Paul, "... but you’re not drunk now." (1:30)

Etienne: "Michel, this is madness."
”He’s selfish...” (1:32)

MIchel tells Paul "I was as shocked as you are."
Paul: ”I’m being brainwashed.”
”She’s a psychologist.” (1:33)

Mickey tells Paul, "I always wanted to be part of a triangle." (1:36)

Mickey, by telephone: "Mother, please stop worrying." (1:39)

Paul tells Lauren, "It’s too late for therapy, doctor." (1:41)

Paul tells Michel, "We’ll hire professional mourners." (1:44)