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All the President's Men

Dustin Hoffman, Robert Redford, Jason Robards, Jack Warden, Hal Holbrook, Martin Balsam, Jane Alexander, Meredith Baxter, Ned Beatty, Stephen Collins, Penny Fuller, Robert Walden
Thomas Eagleton
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Editor Harry M. Rosenfeld tells the others, "Could... just be crazy Cubans."
Newspaper worker: ”The police are nervous.” (0:13)

Reporter Bob Woodward writes "Nervous" while talking with a woman by telephone. (0:16)

Sharon Lyons tells reporter Carl Bernstein, "Steuben’s crazy."
”The White House was real paranoid about Teddy Kennedy.” (0:23)

By telephone, Woodward tells Ken Clawson at the White House, "I was wondering if you’d like to comment on this confusion." (0:27)

Woodward tells Bernstein, "We need a sympathetic face." (0:29)

Newspaper headline: "MCGOVERN NAMES EAGLETON RUNNING MATE..." (0:34)

Reporter: "McGovern, who at first voiced complete support for Eagleton... Eagleton must make a decision whether to stay or leave the ticket."
McGovern’s voice(?): ”... the public debate over Sen. Eagleton’s medical history... growing pressures that ask for Sen. Eagleton’s withdrawal...” (0:47)

Editor: "... this White House guy... came up and asked, ‘What is this Watergate compulsion with you guys?’"
Editor Harry Rosenfeld: ”Compulsion? This is a story. This is not a compulsion.” (0:56)

Mickey answers editor in chief Ben Bradlee: "Yesterday’s weather report for people who were drunk and slept all day."
Bradlee asks the other, ”Jesus, what kind of a crazy... story is this?” (0:59)

Bernstein tells bookkeeper Judy Hoback Miller, "This is for my memory. I have a very bad memory."
Miller: ”... people sure are worried.”
Bernstein: ”I get confused.” (1:17)

Woodward tells Bernstein, "You’re crazy."
Bernstein: ”Well you’d be crazy, too...”
”Boy that woman was paranoid... and her paranoia finally got to me.”
Woodward: ”You’re both paranoid.”
”... and then I say... ‘Don’t worry about it.’” (1:21)

Vice President Spiro Agnew: "... those who published it have already shown their sympathy for the other ticket." (1:36)

Woodward tells Bernstein, "This isn’t so crazy." (1:39)