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American Honey

Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf, Riley Keough, Arielle Holmes, McCaul Lombardi
3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine | crack cocaine | lysergic acid diethylamide | marijuana | methamphetamine
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Star tells the kids, "Yeah, well last one there is a pedophile."
”Pedophile.” (0:04)

Kalium tells Star, "Don’t worry."
Boy: ”Don’t worry, new girl.”
Corey(?): ”Stop looking so damn nervous.” (0:22)

A trinket shaped like a Marijuana leaf hangs from the rear view mirror. (0:26)

Austin: "It’s... crazy, man."
Pagan tells Star: ”So I have this obsession with Darth Vader.”
Austin, referring to Jake: ”Maybe it’s his personality...” (0:27)

QT: "Wizard of Oz. Dorothy."
Austin: ”It looks like a crack... motel.” (0:30)

Jake tells Star, "You gotta memorize this shit by tomorrow morning. Basically, you just, like; memorize the first ten parts..." (0:31)

Kalium(?) smokes a joint. (0:38)

A boy tells Austin, "It’s called acid, bro." (0:42)

Jake asks Star, "Wanna see something crazy?" (0:44)

Jake tells a sales prospect, "You know, it’s been really hard for us emotionally since my mother threw herself in front of a cow truck..."
Jake tells Star, ”I’m just trying to give her some insight as to why you’re acting out.” (0:51)

Jake tells Star, "What’s crazy is I got you a present..." (0:53)

Jake lights a bong for Star. (1:01)

JJ helps Shaunte prepare a water pipe.
Shunta, referring to the dog: ”Bella wants to get blazed.”
Shaunte takes a hit. (1:09)

Jake tells Star, "I have insight."
”I have insight.” (1:13)

Star tells cowboys in a car, "My mom died three years ago..."
Meth.” (1:14)

A cowboy tells Star, referring to Mezcal, ”Sends you to kind of an ecstatic place.”
Cowboy 2: ”Like ecstasy, love drug.”
Cowboy referring to worm in Tequila bottle: ”Either that, or it’s real, real drunk.”
One cowboy tells another, ”Don’t worry about it.”
A cowboy tells Star, ”You’re gonna start hallucinating here in a minute.”
Cowboy 1: ”You’re kind of a crazy one, aren’t you?” (1:17)

A truck driver tells Star, "I know it’s crazy..." (1:44)

Kalium tells the others, "... in Montana, these two meth heads grabbed this woman..." (1:49)

Jake tells Star, "This is so... crazy." (1:59)

An oil field worker tells Star, "There are a lot of guys that would get you drunk and take advantage of you anyways." (2:10)

Jake rages. (2:17)

Kalium vapes. (2:20)

Star sees drug paraphernalia. (2:29)