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Arsenic and Old Lace

Cary Grant, Josephine Hull, Jean Adair, Raymond Massey, Peter Lorre, Priscilla Lane, John Alexander, Jack Carson, John Ridgely, Edward McNamara, James Gleason, Grant Mitchell, Edward Everett Horton, Vaughan Glaser, Chester Clute
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Cemetery (0:05)

Officer Sanders tells officer Patrick O'Hara, referring to ‘Teddy Roosevelt’ Brewster, "He thinks he's Teddy Roosevelt."
Sanders asks Reverend Harper, ”Isn't it a shame, Reverend, that a nice family should be hatching a cuckoo?”
”The children will go crazy.” (0:09)

Martha Brewster tells Reverend Harper, "Oh, our only worry for Teddy is after we're gone."
”But Mortimer has made all the arrangements for Teddy to go to Happy Dale Sanitarium after we pass on.” (0:12)

Her nephew Mortimer Brewster tells Abby, "Oh, a honey of a lunatic."
”You know how we've always planned to send Teddy to that sanitarium, Happy Dale?”
”I'm frightfully sorry, but I've got an awful shock for you.” (0:19)

Martha tells Mortimer, "Well, for pity's sake stop worrying..."
”Well, dear, for a gallon of Elderberry wine, I take one teaspoonful of arsenic, then add half a teaspoon of strychnine, and then, just a pinch of cyanide.”
Mortimer: ”Darling, don't worry about the cake.” (0:24)

Mortimer, referring to Teddy: "Everybody knows he's crazy." (0:29)

By telephone, Mortimer tells Judge Coleman, "Well, I thought if you could sign the papers and I can get Teddy to commit himself, we can get him to Happy Dale."
Mortimer tells the operator, ”I want the Happy Dale Sanitarium...”
”I want the Happy Dale Sanitarium. Sanitarium. Sanitarium. Sanitarium...”
”No, I'm not drunk madam...”
Mortimer tells Martha, ”I'm nervous.” (0:32)

Mr. Gibbs tells the cab driver, referring to the Brewsters, "They're nuts." (0:35)

By telephone, Mortimer asks, "Happy Dale Sanitarium?"
Mortimer asks Mr. Witherspoon, referring to Teddy, ”Do you remember that conversation we had about committing my brother, Teddy, to Happy Dale?... Well we want to commit him there immediately.” (0:36)

Abby tells Martha, referring to marriage, "I believe that always makes a man a little nervous." (0:39)

Plastic surgeon Dr. Einstein tells Martha and Abby, "Don't worry... I was intoxicated." (0:42)

Mortimer's brother Jonathan tells Einstein, referring to Mr. Spenalzo’s body, "Don't waste any worry on that rat." (0:44)

Judge Cullman: "I may be committing the wrong Brewster." (0:46)

Teddy tells his aunts, "This will be a shock to the general." (0:51)

Walking past the cemetery, Dr. Gilchrist tells Mortimer, "I know Teddy blows bugles, but I can't commit a man to an institution just on that." (1:19)

His fiance Elaine asks Mortimer, "Have you suddenly gone crazy?"
Mortimer: ”You wouldn't want to set up housekeeping in a padded cell?”
Insanity runs in my family.”
Elaine: ”Look at your aunts... the sweetest, sanest people I've ever known.”
Elaine:”So your family is crazy. So you’re crazy... I'm crazy too, but kiss me.”
Gilchrist tells Mortimer, referring to Jonathan, ”I'll commit him to any place.”
Mortimer: ”Don't worry about that.” (1:22)

Einstein tells Mortimer, "Johnny's in a bad mood."
”Look, when Johnny's in that mood, he's a madman. He's a maniac...”
Mortimer: ”Did you ever see anybody in a play act like they've got intelligence?” (1:27)

Jonathan, referring to Teddy: "That idiot." (1:33)

Officer O'Hara tells Mortimer, "... little do I know it but there's a dope fiend with a long knife trailing after me." (1:35)

Police Lieutenant Rooney tells the other officers, referring to Jonathan, "He escaped from the prison for the criminally insane."
”Thirteen bodies buried in the cellar, and that don't tip you off the guy comes out of a nuthouse.”
”Last year over in Greenpoint there was a crazy guy, started a murder rumor.” (1:40)

Witherspoon tells the cab driver, "I'm Mr. Witherspoon of the Happy Dale Sanitarium... I would like you to drive us back to the sanitarium."
Cab driver: ”I knew this would end up in a nuthouse.” (1:43)

Witherspoon tells Mortimer, "You know, I sometimes envy some of our patients secretly." (1:45)

Rooney tells Abby and Martha, "Teddy's committed himself, and he's got to go."
Witherspoon: ”We never take sane people at Happy Dale.”
Mortimer tells Witherspoon, ”These two little sane people... would get lost in the shuffle...”
Witherspoon: ”Well, of course they'd have to be committed.”
Mortimer: ”Teddy committed himself. Couldn't they commit themselves?”
”I'm all confused.”
Abby: ”Mortimer, we're really very worried about something.”
Mortimer: ”Aw, now, don't be worried.” (1:48)