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Au Revoir les Infants

Gaspard Manesse, Raphael Fejtö, Philippe Morier-Genoud, Francine Racette
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Goodbye, Children

Julien Quentin tells his mother, referring to another boy, "I can’t stand that idiot." (0:01)

A boy faints. (0:08)

The teacher tells the boys, "Stop laughing like idiots." (0:09)

A boy asks Julien, "Are you nuts?" (0:10)

Kitchen helper Joseph tells Julien, referring to the doctor’s wife, "It puts her in the mood." (0:14)

Julien realizes he has wet his bed. (0:23)

One boy tells another, "Petain’s a loony." (0:31)

Teacher: "Quentin: Intelligent, but a bit pretentious." (0:38)

Julien reads a letter from his mother, referring to his father, "He’s in a foul mood." (0:40)

Julien tells his brother François, "You’re crazy." (0:47)

Julien, referring to François: "What an idiot." (0:58)

Father Jean preaches: "More than ever, we must beware of selfishness and indifference... It makes men... pitiless in their egoism... I don’t mean to shock you." (1:02)

Julien’s mother: "Julien, have you gone mad?" (1:05)

François tells his mother, "Don’t worry." (1:12)

Julien tells Jean, referring to Julien’s mother, "She’s crazy." (1:13)

Screening of Charlie Chaplin in The Immigrant (1:14)

Julien has wet his bed again. (1:18)

Another boy calls Julien, "Bed wetter." (1:19)

François tells Julien, referring to kitchen helper Joseph, "I told that idiot he’d get caught." (1:19)

Julien reads to Jean from The Arabian Nights: "... they fell asleep in each other’s arms, drunk with pleasure." (1:27)

Jean tells Julien, "Don’t worry." (1:33)

Joseph tells Julien, "Don’t worry about it." (1:37)