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Birds of Prey (2020)

Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett, Rosie Pérez, Chris Messina, Ella Jay Basco, Ali Wong, Ewan McGregor, David Ury, Derek Wilson, Joe Bucaro, Francois Chau, Matthew Willig, Michael Masini, Steven Williams, Charlene Amoia, Robert Catrini, Dana Lee, Bojana Novakovic, Bruno Oliver, Paul Lasa
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Sign: "Arkham Asylum"
Harleen Quinzel, narrating: ”... I threw myself into my work, became a psychiatrist... I had to find a new identity, a new me...” (0:01)

Harleen: "I agitate his already delicate sense of mental equilibrium, that, and his obsessive-compulsive need to be the center of attention." (0:04)

Harleen: "... luckily for me, I have all my best ideas drunk..." (0:06)

Police Detective Renee Montoya asks another officer, "Did I stutter?"
Harleen, referring to Montoya and Det. Tim Monroe: ”... she got stuck at detective level with this idiot.” (0:08)

Harleen: "The wack job with the penchant for peeling faces is Roman Sionis, aka Black Mask... I was... hungover, and thinking about breakfast." (0:12)

Her superior Capt. Erickson asks Montoya, "Drugs?" (0:19)

Harleen (now Harley Quinn): "... I gotta take you back a few days to the night I got shitfaced..." (0:23)

Sionis tells crime boss Mr. Keo, "Family’s a... illusion." (0:25)

Written on Harley’s business card: "Life Coach" (0:44)

Foster child Cassandra Cain tells Harley, "You’re that psycho from the roller derby." (0:48)

Harley inhales white powder. Cocaine? (0:51)

Cassandra tells Harley, "Well, except for the crazy part."
Harley: ”If you wanted to even come close, you would have to go to medical school, become a psychiatrist, work in an asylum, fall in love with your patient, break said patient out of said asylum... jump into a vat of chemicals to prove yourself to a madman... before breaking up with the aforementioned madman and going out on your own... That’s crazy.” (0:56)

Harely tells Cassandra the picture is of "... my former partner in madness..." (1:00)

Harley: "No cop ever gets anything done until after they’ve been suspended, which would’ve had me worried..." (1:07)

Harley asks Montoya, "Are you drunk?" (1:15)

Roman’s henchman Victor Zsasz asks Harley, "You’re still conscious?"
Singer Dinah Lance (Black Canary): ”You know you’re just being paranoid, Zsasz.”
Harley: ”That is childhood trauma, right there.” (1:16)

Dinah, referring to The Huntress: "She’s got rage issues."
The Huntress: ”I don’t have rage issues.”
Harley tells The Huntress, ”You know, psychologically speaking, vengeance rarely brings the catharsis we hope for.” (1:24)

Roman tells Harley, "You’re a... moron." (1:36)