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CastRock Hudson, Claudia Cardinale
Year released1966
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General Pratt tells psychiatrist Bartholomew Snow, referring to patient Arthur Vincenti, "Doctor, five years ago you treated a young scientist."
Snow: ”Yes, some neurotic symptoms... Responded well to treatment.”
”I can’t treat a patient... without knowing where he is.” (0:02)

James Fizpatrick stutters. (0:05)

By telephone, his fiance Pam tells Snow, referring to her mother, "She said you were as nutty as a fruitcake... she said that all psychiatrists are..."
Snow: ”She said all psychiatrists are nuts, did she?” (0:06)

Snow’s receptionist Smitty tells Snow, referring to Fitzpatrick, "Typical Madison Avenue syndrome."
Snow: ”I’ll make the diagnoses, Miss Smith.” (0:07)

George tells Snow, referring to Vincenti, "In his present mental state, he’d be a natural for them."
Snow: ”How often I’ve told my patients not to worry in exactly the same tones of ringing sincerity.” (0:11)

George tells Snow, "I suppose that’s a symptom of something."
Snow: ”All obsessive behavior is symptomatic of something. Are you a psychiatrist, Capt...?” (0:13)

Arthur tells Snow, "Dr. Bartholomew Snow... the famous psychiatrist..." (0:17)

Internist Capt. Davis: "The sedative’s working."
George: ”... here’s what worries me... isn’t it possible that they could brainwash him...?”
Snow: ”... given the regular course of treatment.”
George: ”... if we want to commit him to a hospital, there’s the whole routine...” (0:18)

Vicky Vincenti (Arthur’s sister Miss Victoria Vail) tells Snow he has made her "Crippled for life." (0:21)

Snow tells Vicky, "We must consider the possibility that your symptoms are psychosomatic." (0:22)

A police lieutenant asks Vicky, referring to Snow, "Is he a sex maniac, or is he a spy?"
”The commissioner’s wife is one of his patients...”
”He treated your brother five years ago.” (0:27)

Snow tells Vicky, referring to Arthur, "I’m treating him..."
”Only a congenital idiot.” (0:31)

By telephone, Snow tells George, "It’s my behavior pattern." (0:34)

Snow tells CIA agent Fitzpatrick: "That stutter of yours sounds authentic."
Fitzpatrick: ”It is authentic. I used to stutter.”
”You cured the symptom. Under sufficient strain, you may stutter again.”
Fitzpatrick: ”Doctor, I’m not here to discuss my symptoms.”
Fitzpatrick: ”I believe I once had a patient by that name.”
Snow: ”He was my patient.”
Fitzpatrick: ”Arthur Vincenti, today, doctor, is completely sane... to brainwash him... psychiatrist...”
Snow: ”Are you accusing me of brainwashing him?” (0:36)

George tells Vincenti, "You just accused Dr. Snow of trying to brainwash you." (0:43)

Snow asks George, "And can you imagine the traumatic effect when he finds out the engagement’s a phony?" (0:44)

Fitzpatrick tells Snow, "Business men, like psychiatrists, can’t always tell the truth."
Snow: ”That brought back the symptom, didn’t it?” (0:46)

Vicky tells Snow, referring to her family, "Oh, I didn’t want to worry them." (0:50)

Vicky’s young brother (nephew) Mario tells Snow, "Psychiatrist, huh?"
”One of your patients slug you.” (0:51)

Snow tells Vicky, "Usually, when I meet a girl’s family, I feel an overwhelming compulsion to run for my life." (0:52)

George tells Snow, "It’s all there in your subconscious."
Snow: ”But what about my patient?” (0:55)

Dr. Burford tells Snow, "Like an idiot, I slipped on a wet patch... sort of knocked me out." (1:00)

FBI agent Snow: "Mr. Nelson, I am not suffering from hallucinations."
Snow: ”I’ve got it all up here, in my subconscious.” (1:01)

Police Lt. Harrigan tells Snow, "My old man used to beat me up every Saturday night." (1:04)

A professor tells Snow and Vicky, referring to geese, "Intelligent, hardy, resourceful..." (1:09)

Snow tells Vicky, referring to realtor O. Z. Yancey, "Drunk." (1:15)

Davis loses consciousness from an apparent head injury. (1:26)

Snow tells the others, referring to Fitzpatrick, "He’s a paranoid." (1:33)

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