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Sheryl Lee, Craig Sheffer, Terence Stamp
alprazolam | Xanax
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Joseph tells his friend Tanner, referring to Joseph's fiance Maria, "She’s a bit compulsive. Maybe I should say compulsive and neurotic."
”She gets suicidal from time to time.”
Tanner: ”All women get suicidal from time to time.” (0:01)

His coworker Tanner tells Joseph, "I say don’t panic." (0:03)

Joseph tells Maria, "I’ll be nicer in therapy." (0:05)

Psychotherapy session with psychiatrist Alfred Colson
Maria: ”I fake my orgasms.” (0:05)

Joseph tells the others, referring to their watching a couple having intercourse, "You guys are perverts." (0:09)

Tanner tells Joseph, referring to Tanner’s wife Vickie, "I mean, man, she goes crazy." (0:10)

Joseph tells Maria, "Honey, every time we come see your parents, you obsess over the way you look." (0:11)

In session, Joseph tells Alfred, referring to Joseph’s secretary, "Connie doesn’t know how to handle her, because half the time you call, you’re hysterical." (0:15)

Alfred writes a prescription for Xanax: "Department of Psychiatry"
Joseph: ”You got a sick patient here, Alfred.”
Alfred tells Joseph, referring to Baltazar, ”All I know is, he’s a sex therapist that practices on the edge of the law.”
Joseph: ”... forget the bullshit psychobabble...”
Alfred: ”... Maria exhibits most of the symptoms of what is called a borderline personality... she has no real identity...”
”... her heightened personality, her need for control at any cost, the fly obsession...” (0:19)

Joseph recalls Alfred’s words: "Most borderlines are incurable, Joseph." (0:21)

Joseph tells Baltazar, "... it wasn’t love or therapy... It was sadistic abuse."
Baltazar: ”I’m a therapist, Joseph... Acting out her abuse fantasy is what enables Maria to get past the guilt and anxiety of being intimate...”
Joseph: ”This is insane. It’s insane.”
Baltazar: ”Maria’s been in traditional therapy for seven years, three therapists. Which therapy do you think will work at this point?”
Joseph: ”Do you know what a borderline personality is?”
Baltazar: ”There is no psychoanalytic cure... Real change is not a mental process.”
Ecstasy heals the unconscious.” (0:24)

Joseph tells Baltazar, “Therapy isn't working."
Baltazar: ”Do you think you have the ability to put aside your rage and listen?”
Joseph: ”Look, the rage is gone, okay?”
Baltazar: ”I doubt the rage is gone...”
”...the work and our relationship must remain strictly confidential.” (0:32)

Joseph in session with Baltazar
Baltazar tells Joseph, ”Maria is frigid.”
Joseph: ”I try to make her go to therapy.” (0:35)

Baltazar tells Joseph, "Anyone that doesn't totally accept their body can never experience ecstasy..."
”... we are... awakening her ecstatic responses.” (0:42)

Baltazar: "The goal of sex is not orgasm, Joseph, but ecstasy. Maria's satisfaction will give you ecstasy." (0:47)

Tanner asks Joseph, "No sex without condoms, no booze, no drugs?"
Joseph: ”It's depressing, isn't it?” (0:50)

Joseph reads Baltazar's record of treatment of Maria: "It's hard for me to determine the roots of her sexual dysfunction, or the extent of her childhood trauma. There have to date been no repressed memory flashes or nightmares, yet she lives in a constant state of suppressed paranoia... She needs to be released from the burdens of her shame and self-hatred." (0:52)

Baltazar tells Eva, "I find the combination of charm and intelligence, a rare union these days." (0:53)

Maria in session with Alfred
Maria: ”I was far too self-conscious.”
Alfred: ”... I would like to encourage you to return to therapy with a greater commitment.”
Maria: ”I worry too much when I see you.” (0:55)

Baltazar tells Joseph, "All of Maria's abuse and psychic hurts reside in this sacred spot." (0:58)

Baltazar tells Joseph, "Repressed anger chokes us..." (1:08)

Baltazar tells Joseph, "Let me into your subconscious." (1:09)

Baltazar: "Energy follows consciousness." (1:13)

Her physician tells Joseph, "We also administered her a sedative, so she would rest."
Alfred: ”She's been under a lot of abnormal stress lately. She had a severe breakdown.”
Baltazar: ”She had a body memory. Maria has endured some form of repeated child abuse. She shows almost all the external symptoms, but it's locked in her subconscious. Now she can begin the road to recovery.”
Alfred: ”Her memory could have triggered a spontaneous regression to some incident. Oral sex is one of the most common forms of infant abuse.” (1:15)

In group psychotherapy: "My name is Maria, and I'm a survivor of child sexual abuse and incest." (1:17)

Maria tells Joseph, "I know I'm going crazy." (1:19)

Baltazar tells Joseph, "You married a scarred and emotionally dysfunctional woman."
Referring to patient Wendy: ”She eats, then she eliminates, through the esophagus...” (1:22)

Conjoint psychotherapy
Maria: ”I remembered that my father's favorite thing was to kiss my vagina when I was a baby.” She describes other sexual abuse by her father.
”It's the way that I blocked the feelings. It's the way that I block the pain.”
Maria tells Joseph, ”I had to confront my self-hatred...” (1:28)

Baltazar tells Joseph, referring to victims, "They use their abuse as an excuse to close down, to give in to life." (1:31)

Maria tells Joseph, "If you love me, you'll understand that I needed time to separate you from my abuse." (1:34)