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Blood and Black Lace

Harriet Medin, Lea Lander, Cameron Mitchell, Franco Ressel, Eva Bartok, Dante DiPaolo, Thomas Reiner
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Model Nicole tells model Peggy, referring to their boss Countess Cristiana Cuomo, "I’m not in mourning like her."
Peggy: ”She hasn’t been the same since her husband died.” (0:08)

Cristiana answers police inspector Sylvestri, "After my husband’s death." (0:10)

A detective tells Sylvestri, "Drugs." (0:13)

Sylvestri answers murdered model Isabella’s antique dealer lover Franco Scalo, "Cocaine" (0:14)

Cristiana asks the others, "Are you crazy?" (0:17)

Marco tells Peggy, "That’s what makes me mad." (0:30)

Marquis Riccardo Morelli tells Franco, "But you’re mad." (0:40)

Sylvestri asks Franco, "Did you take drugs with her too?"
”You’ve got the habit... They either try to get you to drop the habit, like Isabella, or join you in it, like this one, for example.” (0:44)

The gas station attendant tells the police, referring to Peggy’s car, "I was distracted by the horn." (0:46)

Fashion designer Cesare Lazzarini tells Peggy’s maid Clarissa, "Open your eyes, you idiot." (0:48)

Sylvestri tells Franco and Riccardo, "Oh, don’t worry." (0:50)

Cristiana tells model Greta, "I’m frightened too,... but getting hysterical doesn’t help."
By telephone, she tells Massimo Morlacchi, ”Don’t worry.” (0:51)

The detective tells Sylvestri, referring to the murderer, "He must have been a madman."
Sylvestri: ”Or a sex maniac in a homicidal fury.” (1:04)

Model Tao Li tells Massimo, "I’m not nervous, but the thought that a sex maniac is prowling around your fashion house..." (1:07)

Cristiana tells Massimo, "I nearly fainted."
Massimo: ”The police think it’s the work of a sex maniac.” (1:10)

Massimo tells Cristiana, "What a mess, all because of that idiot, that witch, Isabella."
Cristiana: ”It is done now, and we have nothing to worry about, my darling, nothing to worry about.”
Massimo: ”We’ll never get away with it unless they find the maniac they’re looking for...”
”Now, don’t worry, darling. Now, don’t worry.”
”Now, listen to me, you little idiot.” (1:11)

Massimo tells Cristiana, "It’s been a terrible shock for you, my darling." (1:25)