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Brain on Fire

Chloë Grace Moretz, Jenny Slate, Thomas Mann, Tyler Perry, Carrie-Anne Moss, Richard Armitage, Navid Negahban, Alex Zahara, Jenn MacLean-Angus
olanzapine | haloperidol
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Journalist Susannah wearing EEG electrodes (0:00)

Susannah asks her musician friend Stephen, "You nervous?" (0:03)

Stephen asks Susannah, "Are you just hungover from last night?" (0:16)

Susannah asks her father Tom, referring to a "drip" from the faucet she sees, "You didn't see that?" (0:22)

Susannah's boss Richard tells her coworker Margo, "She looks hungover."
"Is she on drugs?"
Margo: "I'm definitely sure she's not on drugs. I don't think she's acting normal, but I don't think she's on drugs." (0:27)

Tom asks Stephen, "I mean what kind of idiot doesn't know how to look in a cell phone under Mom and Dad?"
Stephen: "I just panicked..." (0:31)

Susannah's mother Rhona tells Susannah's stepfather Allen, "It's like she was in a trance." (0:34)

Susannah undergoes EEG. Technician: "I've seen this... with bankers and Wall Street guys who come in all stressed out." (0:36)

A doctor asks Susannah, "Any drug use?" He tells Rhona, "Just make sure she doesn't drink, she takes the anti-seizure meds I prescribed..." (0:37)

Susannah experiences visual hallucinations. (0:38)

Susannah tells a psychiatrist, "I'm bipolar."
Psychiatrist: "Tell me why you think you're bipolar."
Susannah describes mood swings. "A lot of creative people are bipolar. Bipolar is what make me who I am."
Psychiatrist: "Ever suicidal?"
Susannah: "So I'm bipolar, right?"
Psychiatrist: "I do see serious signs of mixed episodes... Sometimes that comes across as manic and depressed elements, typical of bipolar disorder... I'm gonna give you a prescription for olanzapine, all right? It's an antipsychotic prescribed to treat mood and thought disorders." (0:44)

Susannah asks Rhona, "You wanna hear the side effects? Euphoria, hyperventilation... irritability, Mom... It's making me crazy."
"They're toxic." (0:45)

Tom asks Rhona, "Bipolar?" (0:47)

Susannah experience paranoid delusions and hallucinated voices. She rages. (0:49)

The doctor tells Susannah's parents, "Look, her EEG is completely normal... she's exhibiting the classic signs of alcohol withdrawal."
Rhona: "... all I experienced was a bad hangover. Alcohol withdrawal?" (0:50)

Susannah hallucinates news reporters referring to her. (0:51)

Susannah tells Dr. Khan, "I have multiple personality disorder."
Khan: "Have you been diagnosed by any psychiatrists or psychologists?"
Susannah: "I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist with bipolar disorder but not multiple personality."
Khan: "... were you taking any medication for that?"
Susannah, referring to doctors and nurses: "I can hear their thoughts."
Khan: "You can hear their thoughts?" (0:54)

Susannah awakens restrained in a hospital bed. (0:57)

Doctor Ryan tells Tom and Rhona, "I can assume two possible diagnoses: First, presentation of schizophrenia versus postictal psychosis. Now, she is clearly psychotic, but the question is where is this psychotic behavior coming from? I'm gonna prescribe haloperidol. It should sedate her enough so that we can do some further testing..."
Tom: "Our daughter is not going into a psych ward."
Rhona: "Dr. Ryan, why don't you do that further testing before you threaten us with psychiatric hospitals?" (0:58)

Rhona tells Stephen, referring to the doctors, "Each of them is giving a us a different diagnosis. One is saying bipolar, the next one is saying schizophrenic, then' they're saying psychotic."
Tom: "She is not psychotic." (1:00)

Dr. Khan tells Rhona and Tom, "All of the tests being negative suggests that Susannah has a primary psychiatric illness, which I feel is likely schizophrenia."
Another doctor: "Perhaps Susannah should be transferred to a psychiatric hospital." (1:04)

Susannah retains limb placement. Ryan: "Fully catatonic." (1:06)

Khan presents the case to Dr. Najjar: "Her symptoms began with manic behavior, paranoia, erratic outbursts."
"What's crazy is that prior to this, she was completely healthy... on no medication..."
"She's on the verge of going to a psychiatric hospital."
"It would be very easy for me to tell her that she's bipolar or schizophrenic..." (1:08)

Najjar: "Susannah, would you draw a clock for me..." (1:13)

Najjar tells Rhona and Tom, "No one with a psychiatric problem would draw a clock like this, so this should rule out schizophrenia and bipolar disorder." (1:15)

Najjar tells Rhona, Tom and Stephen, "Before we move on to treatment we need to confirm the cause of the inflammation."
"We have to take a small piece of her brain to confirm the diagnosis before we can proceed with the treatment." (1:16)

Najjar: "The result came back conclusive for NMDA receptor antibodies."
"Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is an autoimmune disease where antibodies target and attack very important receptors in the brain.”
”We can treat this... She will be getting 90% of her cognitive abilities back.”
”... let’s just hope that her body welcomes the treatment.”
”I will start the treatment.” (1:16)

Susannah: "How many people do you think throughout history were diagnosed as schizophrenic, psychotic, bipolar, or maybe just plain crazy when they had something that could've been so easily diagnosed?"(1:20)

Tom tells Susannah, "Well, it's nice to see you got your personality back." (1:20)