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Bug (2006)

CastAshley Judd, Michael Shannon, Harry Connick Jr.
Year released2006
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Spoiler alert!

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Waitress Agnes lights a joint. (0:02, 0:04, 0:10)

Close up of lines of cocaine on a mirror, dividing it with a razor blade. (0:09)

Drifter Peter tells Agnes about his mother, “She’s been dead a long time.” (0:15)

Close up of lines of cocaine on a mirror, a glass crack pipe and a plastic bag of crack: Agnes' ex-husband Jerry applies some cocaine to his gums with a finger. He asks Agnes, “Are you still snorting this...” (0:25)

Jerry hits Agnes. (0:27)

Agnes lights a joint held with roach clip. (0:32)

Peter relates to Agnes his increasingly delusional sounding convictions about how "the machines are up and running." (0:34)

Agnes tells Peter about her son and how “He disappeared.” (0:35)

Peter finds a bug in their bed, but Agnes cannot see it. Zoopsia? (0:40)

Peter tells Agnes, “I’ve got people after me.” (0:46)

Peter reveals more about persecutory delusions as he tells Agnes, “These doctors kept... I was having some weird thoughts... They started running these tests... asking questions... pills... drugged up guinea pig... government screw up... They’re after me." (0:48)

Jerry tells Peter, “Here I was all this time thinking you were... weirdo... freeloading cokehead son of a bitch." (0:58)

Peter explains to Agnes and her friend R.C., "Thought they might be coke bugs... DEA sprays the coca plants." (1:00)

Agnes believes an insect is burrowing in her skin. Delusional parasitosis? (1:00)

We see how Peter has excoriated his skin by scratching imaginary bugs. (1:02)

Peter flails wildly, attempting to remove the bugs from his body. (1:04)

We see how Agnes has excoriated her skin by scratching imaginary bugs. (1:07)

Peter tells Agnes, “They’re my bugs... There’s a egg sack under my skin... government... experiment... like feeding LSD to enlisted men....” He pulls a tooth out with pliers. “They put an insect egg sack under my filling.” (1:08)

Psychiatrist (?) Dr. Sweet comes to the door of Agnes' room. Plastic and foil cover the walls and furniture; ultraviolet insect killers hang from the ceiling. (1:11)

Dr. Sweet tells Agnes about Peter: “He’s been diagnosed as a delusional paranoid with schizophrenic tendencies.” (1:14)

Close up of a glass crack (?) pipe in the foreground. Sweet lights the pipe as he explains to Agnes, “Bugs are a fairly common delusion among paranoids... Have you at least entertained the idea that the bugs are a delusion?”
Agnes: “How do I know you’re not a delusion?”
Sweet continues to smoke. (1:15)

Sweet tells Peter, “You need your meds.”
Sweet prepares a syringe hidden at his side.
Peter tells Agnes, referring to Sweet's lifeless body: “It is a machine.” He goes on to describe a conspiracy involving implanted computer chips. (1:22)

Peter tells Agnes, “I found my chip, and I cut it out.” Agnes includes her missing son, her ex-husband and her friend R.C. in an elaborate conspiracy theory.
“I am the super mother bug.”
“We have to kill them.” (1:26)

Agnes and Peter douse themselves with gasoline. Agnes lights a match. (1:34)

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