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Alan Bates, Jessica Tandy, Richard O'Callaghan, Susan Engel, Michael Byrne
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Professor Ben Butley tells his lover and office mate Joey Keyston, referring to student Carol Heasman, "There was an air of mad devotion about her that reminds me of my wife's mother, The Mad Monk."
”Fool, imbecile, traitor, lackey.”
Referring to Ben's wife Anne: ”I expect she became addicted, yes.”
Referring to Joey's friend Reg, ”The confusion over his national identity and profession lasted a mere 20 minutes...”
”I had what is known as a drinking problem.”
Joey: ”Let's face it, Ben, you drink every night, very heavily.” (0:13)

Prof. Edna Shaft tells Ben, "I'm not in the mood to be flippant about the more loutish of our students today." (0:36)

Ben tells Joey, referring to Edna, "Her obsession with Byron is one of the more triste perversions... She's got her book for therapy."

Referring to Joey's room: "Then can you explain why it looks as if a large, dignified and intelligent man has been going to seed in it?... Anyway, I don’t see why you shouldn’t learn what it's like to stay at home and fret your way into a drunken coma.” (0:40)

Ben tells Joey, referring to student Carol Heasman, "I told you she was mad."
”Anne's mother The Mad Monk settles the hash.”
”You know what marks you out as being a repressed as well as a practicing pervert is your sentimentality over children.”
Referring to Reg: ”Oh, you do worry for him, don't you dare?”
Joey: ”Why do you think it's him I'm worried for?”
Ben: ”Well, we all know how you worry for yourself.” (0:44)

By telephone, James tells Ben, referring to student Gardner, "He's reduced Edna to near hysterics." (0:50)

Ben tells Joey, "Don't you worry." (1:14)

Ben tells Edna, "I just didn't want you to be hurt or to worry too much." (1:19)

Ben tells Joey, "I remember when you stood in this room, darkly dressed to cover up your melancholy, and I had you read a little Elliott to me. Little did we know that... we would be worrying and fretting together about your promotion." (1:22)

Ben: "You do look shocked, Reg."
"Don't worry."
”I speak metaphorically, of course, but then I think that marriage is the best metaphor for all our intense relationships, except those that we have with our husbands and wives.... ”
Reg: ”What metaphor would you use when you learned that Joey was going to move in with someone else? Would that be divorce, metaphorically?”
”Ours will be too much like a marriage to be a metaphor.” (1:36)

Ben tells Joey, "... but then traditionally, since metaphorically I should be the last to hear."
Ben tells Reg, ”I thought you liked... no bloody metaphors.”(1:44)

Ben tells Joey, "I do worry so."
Joey, referring to Reg: ”His mother's a social worker.” (1:53)