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Captain Blood (1935)

Errol Flynn, Olivia de Havilland, Basil Rathbone, Ross Alexander.
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Slave Dr. Peter Blood tells his owner Arabella Bishop, "Let me refresh your memory." (0:27)

Blood tells fellow slave Andrew Baynes, "I was going mad." (0:34)

Blood tells Arabella, "I was in no mood to thank my purchaser." (0:40)

Fellow slave, former navigator Jeremy Pitt tells Blood, "I wondered if I was still out of my mind." (0:45)

Arabella’s uncle Colonel Bishop tells Governor Steed, "Don't be nervous." (0:57)

Blood tells Colonel Bishop, "Now as your physician, I'd prescribed..." (0:59)

Blood addresses the crew: "If a man shall be drunk on duty, he shall receive the same fate." (1:04)

Blood tells pirate Captain Levasseur, "Such a partnership requires sober thought."
Levasseur: ”Even so drunk, your brain is the greatest this side of the Caribbean.” (1:13)

Lord Willoughby tells Arabella, referring to Blood, "He's chivalrous to the point of idiocy." (1:33)

Gunner Henry Hagthorpe tells Blood, "This is what comes from sailing the seas with a lovesick madman." (1:34)

Arabella tells Blood, "You must be mad." (1:56)

Col. Bishop tells an official, "You're mad." (1:57)

Reference in The Goonies