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Captains Courageous

Freddie Bartholomew, Spencer Tracy, Lionel Barrymore, Melvyn Douglas, Mickey Rooney
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His business tycoon father Frank Burton Cheyne tells school representatives Bob Tyler and Dr. Finley, referring to Cheyne’s son Harvey, "Well the boy was confused..." (0:16)

Harvey asks fishing boat captain Disko Troop, "Are you crazy?" (0:32)

Fisherman Manuel Fidello tells Harvey, "You crazy." (0:38)

Harvey tells Manuel, "About everybody’s crazy here." (0:49)

Manuel tells crewman Long Jack, referring to Harvey, "Kid, he drive me crazy." (0:54)

Disko’s crewman son Dan tells Harvey, referring to Manuel, "He ain’t used a trawl or had a dorymate since his pop died." (0:55)

Another crewman asks, "You sure you didn’t bump your head, Manuel?" (1:01)

Harvey tells Manuel, "Don’t you worry."
Manuel tells Harvey, referring to Manuel’s father, ”He drowned...” (1:05)

Manuel asks Long Jack, "What do you worry about?"
”I get all crazy and sick inside.” (1:14)

Manuel tells Harvey, referring to another fishing boat, "She sail good when the skipper he is sober." (1:17)

Disko tells Manuel, "If Walt Cushman beats me into Gloucester, I’ll hang myself with an eel." (1:18)

Another crewman asks Jack, referring to Disko, "Is he liquored?" (1:23)

Disko tells Jack, "Well, since you’re such a nervous galoot, and we got old Walt licked to a frazzle..." (1:36)

Harvey tries in vain to save Manuel from going under. (1:40)

Memorial service for fishermen lost at sea (1:53)