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Cate Blanchett, Rooney Mara, Sarah Paulson, Jake Lacy, Kyle Chandler
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Man: "Anyway, she’s just going crazy with no other girls in the family but Esther." (0:07)

Customer Carol Aird tells sales clerk Therese Belivet, "Shopping makes me nervous."
Esther: ”Working here makes me nervous.” (0:10)

Sunset Boulevard plays in a movie theater. (0:13)

Phil McElroy, referring to his job: "I call that an illusion."
Phil’s kid brother Dannie: ”Is money an illusion?”
Phil: ”Say, Therese, before I get too drunk to remember...” (0:14)

Carol tells her friend Abby Gerhard, "And if you don’t get us out of this traffic soon, I won’t have to worry about any damned party." (0:24)

Dannie tells Therese, "Don’t worry." (0:26)

Carol tells her estranged husband Harge, "Thanks for staying sober and driving me home." (0:29)

Carol tells Harge, "You’re drunk."
Harge: ”I’m not drunk.” (0:40)

Carol asks her lawyer Fred Haymes, "What am I not to worry about until after the holidays?"
Fred: ”... I’m afraid Harge has changed his mind about joint custody. He wants sole custody of Rindy.”
Carol: ”We’ve already reached an agreement on custody.”
Fred: ”They’re filing papers... for the permanent custody petition.”
Carol: ”When is the custody hearing?” (0:45)

Her friend Richard tells Therese, "You’re in a trance." (0:58)

Therese tells Carol, "I’m thinking that I’m utterly selfish..."
”... and it’s selfish because...” (1:21)

By telephone, Abby tells Carol, "Don’t worry."
”... and don’t worry.” (1:22)

Carol tells Harge’s mother, "He’s a psychotherapist." (1:34)

Abby tells Carol, "Oh, don’t be daft." (1:36)

Harge’s lawyer Jerry, "We expect, given the seriousness of the charges, and the incontestability of the evidence, that the court will grant sole custody of the child to my client."
Haymes: ”My client’s psychotherapist is perfectly satisfied with her recovery from the events of the winter... and we have sworn depositions from two Saddlebrook Institute psychiatrists, clearly stating that in their opinions, a series of events precipitated by my client’s husband drove her to suffer an emotional break, which resulted in the presumed aberrant behavior...”
Carol: ”Now I think that Harge should have custody of Rindy...” (1:39)