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Cas & Dylan

Richard Dreyfuss, Tatiana Maslany, Jayne Eastwood, Aaron Poole, Corinne Conley, Eric Peterson, Christopher Cordell
Ernest Hemingway | crack cocaine | ketamine | oxycodone
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Alan leaves a message on physician Cas Pepper’s answering machine, "Look, you know the prognosis..." (0:04)

Writer Dylan Morgan tells Cas, "You know, you never know what kind of wacko is picking you up." (0:11)

Cass tells Dylan, "Man, you gotta stop smoking those cigarettes. That is an ugly habit."
Dylan: ”... this place is crack-whorish.”
”Don’t worry.” (0:18)

Dylan tells Cas, "You know, I hear Hemingway’s office looked a lot like that." (0:22)

Dylan asks Cas, "Are you gonna kill yourself?"
”It’s obvious that you’re suffering from some serious block...”
”Your poorly composed suicide note.”
”You can’t commit suicide without a suicide note.” (0:23)

Dylan tells Cas, "This is why people kill themselves." (0:27)

Dylan tells Cas, "I’ve been known to act impulsively from time to time, actually."
Referring to smoking: ”I can quit anytime.” (0:33)

Dylan asks Cas, "Are you into necrobestiality." (0:40)

Dylan asks Cas, "Why are you killing yourself?"
”... killing yourself is kind of the worst... like on a scale of 1 to 10... killing yourself is like a 10.”
Cas: ”Actually, I can think of a hundred things worse than killing yourself before I took another breath.”
”I’m not killing me.” (0:41)

Dylan tells Cas, referring to their hosts, Rose and Jack, "They’re like the Cleavers on ketamine."
Cas: ”I think that he’s in the advanced stages of Parkinson’s, and she’s in the middle stages of Alzheimer’s... their minds are going even faster.” (0:46)

Dylan asks Cas, "Do you want a vague and impersonal suicide note?"
Cas: ”You’re just distracting yourself from reality with bullshit.” (0:49)

Dylan overhears a man telling the store clerk, apparently referring to a drug, "These are pink flamingos from Miami." (0:53)

Dylan tells Cas, "Don’t worry."
Dylan’s behavior changes after he drinks coffee Dylan has apparently laced with pink flamingos. (0:54)

Cas tells the receptionist, referring to Dylan, "This woman is my patient." (1:04)

Cas asks Dylan “What do you think, I’m such a terrible doctor that I can’t diagnose morning sickness and a huge appetite?”
Dylan tells Cas, "You must think I’m such an idiot."
Cas: ”You’re a total lunatic, okay? You’re perfectly crazy... and you drugged my drink.” (1:06)

Cas experiences sensory disturbance. (1:08)

A physician tells Dylan, referring to Cas, "He’s been taking oxycodone to numb the pain, but he should be getting treatment, in a hospital." (1:09:)

Dylan asks Cas, "I mean, what are we doing, heading west on some insane mission?"
”... I think you’re delusional, and maybe I am too...”
”You’re like a sociopath.”
Cas, referring to Denise, ”... she’s been dead for ten years.” (1:10)

Cas draws a syringe of drug and starts an intravenous drip. (1:23)

Dylan finds Cas lifeless, clutching a note. (1:25)