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Cecil B. DeMented

CastMelanie Griffith, Stephen Dorff, Alicia Witt, Adrian Grenier, Lawrence Gilliard Jr., Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jack Noseworthy, Mink Stole, Ricki Lake, Kevin Nealon, Eric Roberts
Year released2000
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Theater marquee: "Star Wars, Star Trek..." (0:56)

Actress Honey Whitlock tells her publicist Libby, referring to the hotel manager, "He must think you’re a complete lunatic." (0:06)

Honey asks Libby, "Do I look like a coke dealer?" (0:09)

Charity speaker Mrs. Sylvia Mallory tells the audience, referring to a boy in a wheelchair, "William’s a little grumpy..." (0:12)

Actor Lyle smokes a glass pipe. (0:13)

The director tells Honey, "I’m Cecil B. Demented, your new director." (0:17)

Lyle huffs from a paper bag.
Cecil tells Honey, ”Don’t worry.” (0:18)

Cecil appears in a straight jacket. (0:22)

Cecil tells Honey, "You play the insane owner of a failed art theater..."
Lyle: ”Hey, Honey, you want some ecstasy?” (0:24)

Driver Petie gags himself with the muzzle of his pistol as though preparing to shoot himself. (0:26)

Theater marquee: "Patch Adams."
The audience watches Patch Adams. (0:30)

Lyle: "Hey Honey, I’ve never taken this much acid before..." (0:30)

Honey: "Patch Adams does not deserve a director’s cut." (0:31)

Patch Adams plays in the theater.
Cecil: ”Patch Adams, you’re dead.” (0:32)

Lyle: "Hey Honey, want to crack?"
Lyle smokes a crack pipe.
Honey: ”How can you be a drug addict in the new millennium?”
Lyle: ”Before I was a drug addict I had so many different problems. Now I just have one. Drugs gave my life real focus.” (0:35)

Cecil tells the others, "We will rise above our raging hormones... Get as drunk as Sam Peckinpah, as high as Rainer Werner Fassbinder..."
”... unashamed exhibitionism of William Castle.” (0:36)

Honey tells makeup artist Raven, "You could escape from all this madness."
Raven: ”... one day I’m gonna commit revolutionary suicide for celluloid.” (0:39)

Cecil tells Honey, referring to the actress, "Cherish has recovered memory."
Cherish describes sexual abuse by members of her family. (0:43)

Lyle asks Honey, "Nervous? Wanna try some Special K?" (0:44)

Cecil tells Cherish, ”Save your rage, and use it in the cinema.” (0:44)

Lyle snorts cocaine(?), then pours more on his hand. (0:46)

Cecil tells Honey, "Now don’t worry." (0:46)

Lyle: "I’m stuck in a K-hole, and I can’t get out." (0:48)

Someone shouts, "You’re crazy." (0:53)

Holding a spoon, Lyle injects his leg. (0:55)

Raven: "Suicide for Satan." (0:55)

Cecil tells costume designer Fidget, "Your parents like Godzilla." (0:56)

Honey’s ex-husband tells the studio audience, "... I’m not a bit surprised what a nut she really is." (0:57)

Spokesman for the Baltimore Film Commission: "... there will be no delay in tomorrow's once secret start date... sequel to the oscar-winning masterpiece Forrest Gump." (0:58)

Director: "Nobody can stop the popularity of Forrest Gump." (1:03)

Film crewman: "Are you out of your mind?" (1:03)

Honey: "I... hate Forrest Gump." (1:03)

Lyle: "Drugs. Give me poppers."
Raven holds a bottle of poppers to Lyle’s nose. (1:04)

Film crewman: "Where are they, you pervert." (1:08)

Honey: "Demented forever." (1:08)

Fidget’s dad on a loudspeaker: "We’re here with a psychiatrist."
Cecil’s dad: ”I know you’re sick in the head.” (1:15)

Cecil tells Honey, referring to the movie cast, "... they carry the eternal flame of cinema insanity." (1:17)

Cecil has himself set afire. (1:21)

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