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Kenneth Branagh, Judy Davis, Winona Ryder, Leonardo DiCaprio, Melanie Griffith, Famke Janssen, Joe Mantegna, Gretchen Mol, Michael Lerner, Isaac Mizrahi, Bebe Neuwirth
Elvis Presley | cocaine | marijuana
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Writer Lee tells waitress Nola, "What a great memory."
”That was a guy in drag.”
”I did a piece on transvestites...”
”You’re seeing a shrink, and you’re dyslexic.”
Nola: ”I am seeing a shrink, and I’m an insomniac...” (0:04)

Actress Nicole Oliver’s press agent Bill Gaines tells Lee, "Ah, look, if you could, let’s... not dwell on the bulimia." (0:06)

Lee tells Nicole, "A lot of people get very... nervous about this stuff." (0:06)

Lee tells Nicole, referring to her brothers, "Well, I, I, empathize with them totally." (0:08)

Her friend Cheryl tells schoolteacher Robin, "You've gone through a trauma. Psychotherapy hasn't helped. Pills haven't helped." (0:12)

A woman asks Father Gladden, "Who would you say is more popular, the Pope or Elvis Presley?"
Man: ”Oh, Elvis.”
Gladden: ”Elvis, you think?” (0:12)

Lee asks his wife Robin, "Are you crazy?"
Lee: ”I'm confused.”
Robin: ”if you're confused, see a doctor.”
Lee: ”It's about my whole life that I'm depressed.” (0:15)

Lee asks a fashion designer, "Were you consciously wanting to shock people?" (0:18)

Woman: "These people are just insane." (0:22)

A supermodel tells Lee, "I can't have my name in the papers connected with some drunk driving accident."
Lee: ”I'm not drunk.”
Supermodel: ”Are you crazy?” (0:28)

Dr. Lupus’ receptionist tells a patient, "Not to worry." (0:29)

Dr. Lupus tells a patient, "Duel in the Sun, right, right?" (0:30)

Reporter, referring to the work of Dr. Lupus, "With the skill of a great Renaissance sculptor, unsightly flesh is molded and suctioned away, until all that remains is youth, or the illusion of youth." (0:31)

Robin tells television producer Tony Gardella, "I mean that's the mark of the age of psychotherapy, isn't it?" (0:34)

Lee tells Bonnie, "When you see the scripts that get made, I find it so depressing..."
Referring to Robin: ”She's an hysteric.” (0:39)

His high school classmate Jay Tepper tells Lee, "Psychological."
Lee: ”You're not a shrink.”
Jay: ”I'm a psychoanalyst.”
Lee: ”You're a psychoanalyst?” (0:40)

Lee tells Jay, referring to Robin, "She's a little neurotic... Catholic inhibitions..."
Jay: ”Are you in treatment?” (0:43)

Lee tells Bonnie he’s "Too inhibited." (0:44)

Lee tells Bonnie's editor friend Phillip Dabloff, "I get so nervous when I'm talking about my novel."
Lee faints. (0:47)

Dawn Dawson introduces herself as "The teenage obese acrobat."
Man: ”Robin, why is the teenage obese acrobat here today?” (0:48)

Robin tells Tony, "It's a madhouse." (0:49)

Robin tells Tony, "The family's crazy about you." (0:53)

His girlfriend Vicky tells actor Brandon Darrow he’s "So paranoid." (0:54)

Hotel employee, referring to Brandon: "He seemed drunk so I called security." (0:55)

Brandon tells his girlfriend, "If your friend ever tries to plant coke on me, you don't understand what I'm going to do to you, b****."
Brandon tells the hotel security guards, ”I’m not high.”
Brandon tells police officers, ”her friend tried to plant dope on me.” (0:55)

Brandon insufflates cocaine then takes a joint from Vicky.
Brandon shares the joint with Gina.
Gina shares a joint with Vicky. (1:00)

Lee tells Brandon, "It's like a wave of panic at the proximity of unclad male genitalia..." (1:02)

Lee tells Gina, "Drunk, actually. I just had alcohol." (1:03)

By telephone, Lee tells Bonnie, "... I panicked. I panicked... but that panic..." (1:05)

Robin tells prostitute Nina, "... I come from a very uptight, proper family..."
Nina: ”Why don't you go to one of those therapists?” (1:07)

Man at bar: "He’s crazy."
Nola answers her date David Delile, ”The Falcon and the Snowman.”
David: ”Falcon and the Snowman.” (1:12)

Noah asks Lee, "Is that your girlfriend, or are you going to tell me she's a transvestite?" (1:17)

Lee tells Nola, "... whatever moodiness and unpredictability you've broken hearts with, you know..." (1:22)

Bonnie tells Lee, "You’re... psychotic." (1:26)

Tony asks Robin, "You nervous about Saturday?" (1:31)

His best man Frankie tells Tony, "You’re outta your mind." (1:34)

Frankie tells the others, referring to Robin, "She’s nervous." (1:34)

Robin tells psychic Olga, "... we did this whole show on Sunny Von Bulow, and she's just a coma patient. She just lays there in a coma, but she's a celebrity."
Olga: ”You need a shrink.”
”Obviously, he’s crazy about you.” (1:35)

Lee tells Nola, "I stopped by to see you, and it puts you in a bad mood."
Nola: ”I'm really not in the mood to have one of these long discussions...”
”They’re diet pills.” (1:40)

Movie producer Dalton Freed tells a reporter, "My wife, you know, she’s in rehab." (1:43)

Robin tells Lee, "No matter what the shrinks or the pundits or the self-help books tell you, when it comes to love, it’s luck." (1:46)