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Children of Paradise

Arletty, Jean-Louis Barrault, Pierre Brasseur, Pierre Renoir, María Casares, Gaston Modot, Fabien Loris
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Part I

Actor Frédérick Lemaître tells the barker, "Etch that on your feeble doddering memory." (0:07)

Lemaître tells courtesan Claire "Garance" Reine, "The shock..." (0:07)

Thief Pierre-François Lacenaire tells Garance, "How depressing." (0:15)

Actor Anselme Debureau, referring to his son, a mime, Baptiste: "A sleep walker." (0:17)

Garance tells a man, "You’re crazy." (0:18)

Entertainer Nathalie tells Lemaître, "The manager’s in a foul mood."
”But he’s in a foul mood every day.” (0:25)

The director tells the stage manager, "On-stage drunk and swearing." (0:26)

Baptiste tells a beggar, "Don’t worry."
Beggar: ”We’re not worried.”
”Thank me when we are good and drunk.” (0:44)

Garance tells Lacenaire, "I worry about drafts." (0:51)

Garance tells Baptiste, referring to her mother, "Then she died, and everything changed." (1:00)

Anselme introduces the show: "The Palace of Illusions." (1:08)

Frédérick tells Nathalie’s father, the director, referring to Joan of Arc, "She heard voices." (1:22)

Comte Édouard de Montray tells Garance, "Your beauty alone is the cause of my confusion."
Garance tells Baptiste, ”You’re mad.” (1:29)

Lacenaire tells landlady Mme. Hermine, "Just a drunken brawl." (1:35)

One bystander tells another, "I heard he jumped from the third floor because of a woman." (1:36)

Part II

Frédérick Lemaître tells two actresses, "When I act, I’m madly in love. You hear? Madly... Viper of memory..." (0-:06)

Frédérick’s character in a play: "Don’t worry..." (0:15)

Lacenaire tells Frédérick, referring to Lacenaire’s assistant Avril, "This imbecile is a great admirer of yours." (0:22)

One of the authors, referring to Frédérick, "He’s drunk." (0:25)

The director tells the stage manager, "Don’t forget Alexis’s fine for being drunk..." (0:38)

Another actor tells Jericho, "You’re drunk and babbling."
Jericho: ”I may be drunk, but I’ve still got principles.” (0:40)

Lacenaire tells Garance, "Don’t worry" (0:49)

Comte de Montray asks Garance, "Isn’t that rather shocking?"
Garance: ”However, if you like, if it makes you happy, tomorrow all Paris will know I’m mad about you. Yes, mad.” (0:54)

Baptiste tells Hermine, "But I couldn’t go on living like an idiot in an asylum,.."
”Mild depression, overwork... And his prescription?” (0:58)

Nathalie tells Hermine, "I was so anxious."
Referring to Baptiste: ”He’s like a sleepwalker on a roof.” (1:01)

Garance tells de Montray, "You’re mad." (1:04)

A man from the audience tells Frédérick, "I see why I found this play so distasteful and shocking."
Lacenaire: ”Don’t worry, gentlemen...” (1:07)

Nathalie tells Garance, "Then you come back, embellished by memory." (1:23)