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Diahann Carroll, James Earl Jones, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Tamu, David Kruger, Yvette Curtis, Eric Jones, Socorro Stephens
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Housekeeper Claudine’s friend: "Now, Claudine, you've been acting so nervous and jumpy."
Claudine: ”I ain't been sleeping lately... I keep layin’ there thinkin’ maybe I'm going crazy...” (0:02)

Claudine tells her daughter Charlene, "Listen, if I find out that you've been sneakin’ out and seein’ what’s-his-name and smoking that marijuana..." (0:10)

Claudine tells waste collector Rupert “Roop” B. Marshall, "You don't need to be worried about my kids." (0:20)

His coworker Owen tells Roop, referring to women, "You got to wine ‘em, dine ‘em, buy ’em dope." (0:34)

Her son Paul tells Claudine, "Ma, she's comin’ up the stoop, the social worker." (0:34)

Claudine tells Charlene, "You are drunk." (0:38)

Claudine tells Roop, "The kids are beginning to think I'm crazy." (0:41)

Claudine tells her son, "I think you’re going crazy, Charles."
Charles: ”Oh, crazy, crazy. I'm crazy, all right.” (0:49)

Paul: "Ma, Ma, the social worker’s here."
Claudine’s son Francis: ”Mama, it's Miss Kabak the social worker.”
Roop asks Kabak, ”... so why don't you just go ahead and give aid to the dependent children instead of worrying about who the mother is keeping company with?” (0:50)

Claudine tells Roop, "It's the worryin’ all the time..."
”You men got some crazy ideas about bein’ a man.” (0:54)

Claudine tells Charles, "Oh, you talk crazier every day." (1:14)

Claudine beats Charlene. (1:15)

Claudine tells Charles, "Oh, Lord, I know you're going crazy."
Paul tells Patrice, referring to Charles, ”He’s crazy.” (1:19)

A woman tells Roop, "oh, go on home, you drunken bum." (1:21)