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Sigourney Weaver, Holly Hunter, John Rothman, William McNamara, Harry Connick Jr., J.E. Freeman, Will Patton, Dermot Mulroney
David Berkowitz | Ted Bundy | Daniel M'Naghten | ethyl alcohol
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Psychologist Helen lectures: “And as his determination builds to take another life, he plans in obsessive detail... Berkowitz, Dahmer, Ted Bundy... The state of Florida spent eight million dollars to electrocute Ted Bundy... try to identify the Ted Bundys of the future...” (0:01)

Helen awakens in a panic. Flashback nightmare of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder? (0:07)

Computer screen message from Kate: “Panic attack?” (0:09)

Inspector Reuben: “I’m an intuitive cop.”
Inspector MJ: “... with poor impulse control.”
”Your friends are wondering if you’re a psychopath, and on top of that the guy’s junkie wife’s hired a lawyer who slams a wrongful death action up your tail.” (0:11)

Helen panics when she has to leave the door of her apartment briefly to retrieve her newspaper. When she see the headline she says, “Idiots!” (0:20)

Video of Helen on the witness stand: “Because people suffering from aural hallucinations hear voices in both ears.”
”Mr. Cullum satisfies the McNaughtan rules for sanity in being fully aware at the time of the murders that his actions were wrong and unlawful.” (0:24)

Helen tells MJ, “There’s nothing wrong with my memory.”
”That’s the upside of having a nervous breakdown.” Helen panics, breathes into a paper bag. Her assistant Andy tells MJ, “Just a good, old fashioned panic attack. She hyperventilates until she passes out...”
”She’s agoraphobic.”
Reuben: “She’s afraid of spiders, too?”
MJ tells Reuben, referring to Andy, “He forgot to mention... hyperventilating, agoraphobic...” (0:26)

Andy tells Helen, referring to her, “She used to be a really good shrink once.” (0:31)

Helen tells MJ and Reuben, referring to the killer, “He would have been too disoriented to drive... one is a mental patient in the area...”
”He covered her up afterward, because he felt conflicted about what he’d done... someone who is not conflicted at all.” (0:38)

Reuben, referring to the victim’s needle marks, “They’re not tracks, doesn’t look like a regular user.”
Det. Nicoletti: “Probably so stoned out she never knew what got her...” (0:53)

Helen tells MJ, “Tell them to test for... ethanol.”
”It’s what they injected into one of their victims.” (0:56)

Television reporter: “Aiding the police, is noted criminal psychologist, Dr. Helen Hudson.” (0:57)

A patrolman tells Reuben, referring to the car cassette player, “It was driving me crazy, so I shut it off.” (0:59)

Helen brings up a photo of David Berkowitz on her computer. MJ asks her by telephone, “It’s Berkowitz, isn’t it? He’s doing Son of Sam.”
Helen: “Berkowitz like to hang around...” (1:00)

Helen panics as she leaves her apartment. (1:04)

Helen tells Reuben, “You must think I’m a complete moron.”
Reuben: “Until we know any different I says the guys just a junkie.”
Helen: “A junkie?”
”Stop treating me like I’m some... idiot...” (1:06)

Helen tells MJ, “Dahmer cut off heads.”
”That’s the first step: dissociation.”
”Bundy at Chi Omega did three.”
”Son of Sam was before Hillside.” (1:12)

Andy tells Helen, “Like psychedelic.” (1:23)

Nicoletti grieves the death of Reuben. (1:26)

Lt. Quinn tells MJ, “You go out, get drunk.” (1:28)

MJ reads names from Helen’s computer screen: "‘... Berkowitz, Dahmer.’ It’s gonna be Dahmer next.”
Helen: “Which means he’ll kill a man, and after that...”
MJ: “He’s gonna do Ted Bundy.” (1:30)

Helen tells MJ, “He’s gonna do Ted Bundy next... Bundy killed three girls...” (1:32)

Serial killer Peter injects Helen. (1:39)

Peter: “Hey Helen, looks like I cured the agoraphobia.” (1:53)