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Crazy About Her

Álvaro Cervantes, Susana Abaitua
amphetamine | bupropion | clonazepam | Rivotril | diazepam | epinephrine | Adrenalin | fluoxetine | ketamine | lithium | marijuana | paroxetine | sertraline
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His coworker tells Adri, "You wrote Anxiety, Stress and Other Fake Diseases." (0:01)

Carla tells Adri, "... I look up, as if I were a bit disoriented..." (0:02)

Adri tells Carla, "You’re crazy, you know." (0:06)

Carla tells Adri, "No, idiot, they’re coming for you." (0:12)

A worker tells the boss Andres, "I know a drug dealer from..."
Andres: ”If I hear “drug dealer” again, I’ll kick you out.”
Adri: ”... The answer will shock you.”
Adri’s coworker Ana: ”... you’re distracted...” (0:15)

His coworker Lauris tells Adri, "Don’t worry."
Coworker: ”He was fired for being a pervert.”
Adri reads: ”Fluoxetine: Take one a day by mouth.” (0:17)

The receptionist tells Adri, "It’s a mental health center."
Adri: ”A loony bin?” (0:19)

Dr. Rodriguez asks Lauris, "What do you need, a prescription? Paroxetine, sertraline, and bupropion are 200 Euros."
Amphetamine, marijuana?”
Adri: ”No drugs.”
Rodriguez: ”Ketamine?”
Adri: ”Look, what I want is to get into a psychiatric center. I need you to sign a report saying you have treated me as you patient.”
By telephone, Adri tells Andres, ”I’m doing a report on a psychiatric center.” (0:21)

Lauris tells Adri, "This is crazy." (0:22)

Hospital director: "Well, depression, lack of empathy, withdrawal, antisocial disorder, stress, anxiety..." (0:22)

Adri asks the director, "Is it cheaper if you only treat my depression?" (0:23)

Patient Marta tics. Tourette syndrome? (0:24)

Carla tells Adri, "If I was with a nurse, I was heavily sedated."
”Are you insane?”
Adrie: ”This looks like the film Freaks.” (0:27)

Adri tells two attendants, "I’m not in the mood." (0:29)

By telephone, the director tells Ana, "I am calling from Los Sauces psychiatric residence." (0:30)

His roommate Saúl tells Adri, "I know you think we’re all deranged..."
Adri: ”Are you... crazy?”
Saúl: ”I’ve been diagnosed, yes.” (0:31)

Lauris tells the director, referring to Adri, "I’m his psychologist..."
Director: ”So you’re a psychologist?”
”Are those prescription glasses?” (0:33)

Adri tells Lauris, "Madness."
”Madness, in the dictionary.” (0:34)

Adri tells a nurse, "I’m not crazy."
Nurse: ”Crazy is a word we prefer not to use here. Every patient here receives the therapy they need.”
Adri: ”I don’t need... therapy...” (0:35)

Carla tells patient Tina, "Give me your citalopram, fluoxetine, and your smokes."
”We’re crazy, but we aren’t stupid.”
Tina: ”Is that diazepam?”
Patient Victor: ”Do you have Rivotril?”
Referring to patient Sergio: ”He couldn’t recognize himself in a mirror.”
Patient Saúl, referring to Sergio: “You could talk to him for centuries, and he would forget it all five minutes later.”
Carla: ”Don’t worry.”
Tina: ”I had a severe breakdown at work.”
Tina tells Marta, ”Don’t fake your tics with me.”
Marta asks Adri, ”Have you gone mad...?” (0:38)

Saúl asks Adri, "Doctor, are you saying this is your diagnosis?"
”... our diagnosis is exactly the same, doctor.” (0:44)

Carla tells her father, "You don’t deserve a crazy daughter like me."
Adri tells Carla’s parents: ”She needs her medication, her propyl something injection.” (0:46)

Saúl tells Adri, "Saúl, you’re crazy..." (0:47)

Adri tells Marta, ticcing, "You memorized it..."
”Listen, I read that people with Tourette’s can lead a normal life.”
Marta: ”Well, nobody comes to a psychiatric center to treat Tourette’s syndrome.”
”Because it’s not easy to live a normal life when everyone laughs at you all the time and judges you because of your tics... I was diagnosed with depression.” (0:49)

Adri asks Marta, "Haven’t you seen The Notebook?" (0:51)

Victor tells Marta, "Don’t worry." (0:52)

Marta: "Like crazy?"
Carla: ”Like crazy. You’re nuts.” (0:53)

Carla: "I can’t believe I’m hooked on this soap opera." (0:53)

Carla answers Adri, "Bipolar Disorder: Type 1."
Adri: ”Bipolar?”
Carla: ”That would be rapid-cycling... Some episodes are depressive, and some are euphoric.”
”In euphoric episodes, you don’t think about the consequences.”
Adri: ”When we met, you were having a euphoric episode?”
Carla: ”Yes, the beginning of a manic phase.”
Adri: ”Manic means euphoric?”
Carla: ”I’m manic-depressive.” (0:57)

Adri: "Saúl, stop acting... crazy." (1:04)

Saúl: "I’m a diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic. I forget things all the time." (1:07)

Carla asks Adri, "Are you afraid of heights?" (1:10)

Tina tells Carla and Adri, "Hey, this is a mental health center." (1:12)

Carla tells Adri, "It’s amazing how mentally ill people adore Jell-O" (1:16)

Adri finds Carla standing on the edge of the roof. (1:18)

Marta asks Adri, referring to an article he wrote, "The girl from The Exorcist?"
”F... you, and that wasn’t my Tourette’s.” (1:21)

The director tells Adri, "Look, the difficult part about having mental illness is that people want you to behave as if you were healthy." (1:23)

Saúl: "I get confused, and I..."
”I may be a bit paranoid, but...”
Adri: “You and your paranoia, man. You’re totally insane.”
Saúl’s daughter Sari, referring to Adri: ”Is he crazy, too?”
Saúl: ”He’s crazy too.” (1:23)

Adri: "... not long ago, I admitted myself to a psychiatric hospital... she didn’t need some idiotic, ... prince to save her... I’ll always be madly in love with her." (1:26)

Victor asks Carla, "Are you crazy?"
Marta: ”Lithium.”
Saúl: ”She needs tons and tons of lithium. Tons of lithium.”
Carla: ”Marta, what will you do the next time someone laughs at your tics?” (1:27)

Tina: "Stress is bad for my depression."
Marta: ”Moron!”
Tina: ”I’m panicking...” (1:29)

"This is insane!" (1:30)

The director tells Saúl, "You’ll kill yourself."
Staff woman: ”That was an Adrenalin rush.” (1:31)

Adri answers Andres: "The stigmatization of mental illness."
Andres: ”Right, wackos.”
Worker: ”Nymphomania.”
Andres: ”Nymphomanias.”
Quique: ”Drugs.”
Andres: ”Drugs, drugs, drugs...” (1:33)

Carla tells Adri’s coworker, "I’m crazy." (1:35)

Andres: "Pedophilia is now crazy shit and so on..." (1:35)

Carla tells Adri, "Dude, I’m bipolar. I change my mind."
”There’ll be days that I’ll be euphoric for no reason.”
”Are you crazy, or what?”
Adri: ”I never told you I once lived in a mental institution.” (1:36)