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Robert Young, Robert Mitchum, Robert Ryan, Gloria Grahame, Sam Levene
Gloria Grahame
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Police Capt. Finlay asks Miss Lewis, "Was Samuels drunk when you left him in this bar?"
Finlay asks Monty Montgomery: ”Were you drunk tonight?” (0:02)

Army Sgt. Peter Keeley tells Finlay, referring to soldiers, "When they’re off duty, they go crawling, or they go crazy."
”If you think he killed anybody, you’re crazy.”
Referring to Cpl. Arthur “Mitch’ Mitchell and his wife: ”She was worried about him.”
”He’s been nuts, but not nuts enough to kill somebody.”
”... I don’t worry about it now.” (0:07)

Monty tells Keeley and Finlay, referring to their friend, "Floyd was getting pretty stinko... but then I got worried..."
Monty tells Keeley, ”It’s just that I’m worried sick about Mitch.”
Finlay tells Keeley, ”Mitchell was in a strange mood tonight...”
Keeley: ”I say you’re nuts.” (0:16)

Keeley tells the others, "Don’t go charging through that lobby like a bunch of drunken buffaloes." (0:20)

Keeley asks Mitch, "How drunk were you?"
Mitch: ”Pretty drunk, I guess.” (0:23)

Samuels tells MItch, "My girl is worried about you. She says you’re not drinking, but you’re getting drunk anyway... A guy like you maybe starts hating himself." (0:25)

MItch: "It was a crazy thing to do, I guess..." (0:33)

Mitch asks Keeley, "Has everything suddenly gone crazy?"
Keeley: ”That’s why I tried to keep you sober tonight.” (0:38)

Monty tells Floyd, "You got nothing to worry about as long as we keep our story straight."
”Mitch was stinko.”
Referring to Mitch: ”We was worried about him.” (0:41)

Floyd tells Monty, "You went crazy or something... You just went crazy."
”You went nuts.” (0:45)

Mitch tells his wife Mary, "I couldn’t write to you because I was depressed and jittery... he said a guy like me now, with the war over, could start hating himself." (0:50)

Samuels’ Army discharge paper: "Joseph Samuels was discharged... because of disability from wounds received at Okinawa." (1:00)

Keeley tells Finlay, referring to Mitchell, "Drunk, trouble at home..." (1:02)

Finlay tells Leroy, "... and stop worrying about Monty."
The Army Major tells Leroy, ”... don’t worry about being disloyal to your outfit.” (1:06)

Leroy, referring to Floyd: "... he was acting crazy, Monty. He gave me a crazy thing to tell you."
”He was really acting crazy, Monty.” (1:14)

Monty tells a detective, referring to Floyd, "... I’m worried he ain’t showed up yet..." (1:16)

Monty tells Finlay, referring to the detective, "I told him I was worried about Floyd not showing up." (1:21)