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Crossing Delancey

Amy Irving, Peter Riegert, Jeroen Krabbé, Sylvia Miles
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Bookstore owner Lionel: "Well, it's quite an esthetic shock to have gathered you all up for this event." (0:03)

A street vendor asks bookstore worker Isabelle “Izzy” Grossman, referring to author Anton Maes, "Is he an obsession?" (0:07)

Isabelle tells Lionel, referring to Anton, "He's a bit nutty about privacy." (0:16)

By telephone, Anton tells his wife Marguerite, "You're insane." (0:16)

Anton asks Isabelle, "Will you tell me that when I call you with an anxiety attack at 4 in the morning?"
Isabelle: ”You have anxiety attacks?” (0:20)

Her grandmother Ida “Bubbe” Kantor tells Izzy, "Now, don't talk crazy." (0:22)

Matchmaker Hannah Mandelbaum tells Bubbe, "His father just died last year." (0:22)

Izzy’s coworker Cecelia Monk tells coworker Mark, referring to Izzy, "Oh, my God, the return of Annie Hall." (0:42)

Izzy tells pickle shop owner Sam, "Look, I'm sorry if I've seemed ambivalent, confused."
Sam: ”I know what ambivalent means.” (1:02)

Author Pauline Swift tells the others, "... suddenly, I feel as if I'm on one of those sadistic TV shows where they parade skeletons in front of apoplectic guests."
Pauline tells Anton, ”Obey your instincts.” (1:04)

Bubbe tells Hannah, referring to Hannah’s husband, "All the yentas made blah blah when he jumped off the 16th floor." (1:14)

Anton tells Izzy, referring to a project, "It would be utterly self-destructive to give it to my editor at this point..." (1:15)

Bubbe quotes her husband to Sam, "I'll walk into the East River, and this will be my grave." (1:21)

Sam tells Izzy, referring to Bubbe, “She was very worried about you. I didn't mean to get her drunk but I had to distract her, and she kept pouring."
”Maybe if I abused you, knocked you around a little, I’d have a better chance huh?”
”You don't know how nuts I was about tonight.” (1:27)