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Al Pacino, Paul Sorvino, Karen Allen, Richard Cox, Don Scardino, Joe Spinell, Jay Acovone, Barton Heyman, Gene Davis
amyl nitrite | marijuana
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Coroner Dr. Rifkin tells a detective, “I can’t give you the cause of death from this, but it’s obvious it’s not a suicide, and it’s not a natural.” (0:01)

Patrolman DiSimone accosts two transvestites. (0:03)

Actor Loren tells a man in a bar, “All it is is anal regressive.”
Man: ”Sounds addictive.”
”’Cause I’m having ego problems.” (0:07)

Loren appears to insufflate a drug. Poppers? (0:08)

A transvestite reviews mugshots for Capt. Edelson at the police station. (0:13)

Edelson tells police officer Steve Burns, referring to the murder victims, “They were into heavy leather, S & M.” (0:17)

His neighbor Ted tells now undercover cop Steve the plot of the play he is writing: “Boy ends up with analyst.” (0:23)

A man gives poppers(?) to another man. (0:26)

Retailer Joey tells his friend Martino, “You no how paranoid Bess gets if dinner starts after 8 the night before she’s shooting.” (0:42)

Steve hears a conversation next door: “It’s a ridiculous, idiotic.” (0:45)

A bartender tells Steve, referring to patron Skip, “The other night he got stoned out...” (0:48)

Steve inhales amyl nitrite from a handkerchief. (0:49)

A transvestite plays a card game on the street. (0:51)

Skip tells a detective, referring to murder victim Martino, “I bought him an ounce of grass.” (1:00)

His girlfriend Nancy tells Steve, “I’m not an idiot.” (1:02)

Ted’s roommate Greg tells Steve, “You’re crazy, mister. You ought to be committed.” (1:22)

Steve tells student Stuart, “I’m not too crazy about public places.” (1:28)

Stuart’s friend Paul tells detectives, referring to Stuart’s father, “He’s been dead for 10 years.”
“I guess he never got over it.” (1:32)

Reference in Bad Moms