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Da 5 Bloods

Delroy Lindo, Jonathan Majors, Clarke Peters, Johnny Trí Nguyễn, Norm Lewis, Isiah Whitlock Jr., Mélanie Thierry, Paul Walter Hauser, Jasper Pääkkönen, Jean Reno, Chadwick Boseman
Adolf Hitler | oxycodone | OxyContin
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Newsreel footage of Vietnam era self-immolation (0:01)

Vietnam veteran Eddie tells his old squad partner Paul (“Bloods”), "You crazy as hell, bro." (0:05)

"Apocalypse Now" (0:05)

Blood Melvin asks the others, "Hey, y'all remember those... Rambo movies? " (0:18)

Paul tells businessman Desroche, "Hitler had y’all by the snails." (0:25)

His son David tells Paul, "I’m worried about you."
”You been actin’ more crazy than usual.” (0:30)

David tells Blood Otis, referring to Paul, "He needs counseling."
Otis: ”Your pops was never the same after we lost Norman.” (0:36)

Hanoi Hannah on radio, "Your soul sister and soul bothers are enraged in over 122 cities... Nothing is more confused than to be order into a war to die..." (0:40)

Norman tells the others, "Won't let nobody use our rage against us. We control our rage." (0:42)

Otis tells Paul, "You’re just having a panic attack."
David: ”Yeah, he has PTSD.”
Eddie: ”We all got PTSD.”
Paul: ”Think I’m a crazy...” (0:47)

Paul tells Otis, referring to Norman, "I saw him die, man." (0:54)

Simon tells David, referring to a man at the bar, "He’s getting pretty shit-faced."
Seppo: ”He’s drunk as a woodpecker.” (0:55)

Guide Vinh tells Otis, "If you’re late or early, don't worry." (0:58)

Blood Eddie asks Otis, "What, I need to take a breathalyzer test?"
Otis: ”OxyContin.”
Eddie: ”... you on the opioid epidemic shit.”
Otis: ”It’s prescribed.”
Eddie: ”You writing the prescriptions?”
Otis: ”What is this, an intervention?”
”Y’all think I’m a junkie?” (1:00)

Paul tells the others, "Dope fiend double-cross, hell no." (1:08)

The men find the remains of Stormin’ Norman Earl Holloway. Paul talks to him. (1:19)

Melvin asks Paul, "When did you turn into a grade-A... crazy mother...?" (1:23)

Eddie dies from a mine blast. (1:25)

Melvin tells Otis, "You be careful with this OxyContin shit. It can be addictive." (1:35)

Paul: "Another dope fiend double-cross." (1:39)

A man with a gun tells Paul, "You imbecile." (1:43)

Paul experiences a flashback of combat. (1:45)

Melvin tells Paul, "I should shoot your crazy ass dead."
Otis tells Paul, ”Listen, you crazy...” (1:47)

David tells Hedy, referring to Paul, "He has hated me since the day I was born. I should’ve died instead of my mother." (2:01)

Paul sees a vision of Norm. (2:06)

Norm dies in Paul’s arms. (2:07)

The man with the gun tells Paul, "You drunk."
”I ain’t never been more sober in my life.” (2:11)

Otis: "Madness! Madness!" (1:19)

Norman’s remains returned (2:23)