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David's Mother

Kirstie Alley, Sam Waterston, Stockard Channing, Michael Goorjian, Chris Sarandon, Phylicia Rashad
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Freelance editor Sally Goodson: "For our matinee today we are pleased to present The Wizard of Oz." (0:02)

Sally tells her son David, "Don’t worry." (0:04)

Sallys’ sister Bea tells doorman Sid, referring to Sally, "Oh, delusions of grandeur, hug?" (0:04)

Sally tells Bea,"But don’t worry about those hemorrhoids." (0:08)

Sally tells her daughter Susan, "... you may be filled with ambivalence..." (0:11)

Social worker Gladys Johnson tells Sally, referring to her letter, “In it I explained the department is taking a new census of handicapped children...”
"Every handicapped child who can benefit from a program must be in one."
Sally: ”... rehab centers... terrify David...” (0:13)

Sally tells David a joke: "Why did the moron tiptoe past the medical cabinet? Because he didn’t want to wake up the sleeping pills... Out of all the kids in the whole world, you ought to know a few moron jokes." (0:18)

Bea asks Sally, "Will you stop pretending you’re a mute?"
Sally: ”You want a relaxed mute, or a frenzied debutante?”
Sally tells her blind date shop owner John Nils, referring to Bea, ”She’s mad at me because I’m so uptight...” (0:21)

Sally asks David, "How about PInocchio, honey?"
Sally tells John, referring to David, ”He loves Pinocchio... Oh, don’t worry.” (0:23)

Sally’s husband Philip: "I’m not in the mood for sex, Sally."
”I’m just not in the mood.”
Sally: ”When do you think you might be in the mood?” (0:25)

Sally tells John, "I don’t like it when people freak out over my kid."
John: ”... I spoke to Bea, and she said that sometimes when you sound like you’re being cruel, you’re really just making jokes to cover how uptight you feel.” (0:29)

John tells Sally, "Don’t be such a worry wart."
Sally: ”I’m not worried.” (0:36)

John tells Sally, referring to David, "You worry too much about him."
Sally: ”Where have you been, a mental home?” (0:38)

Sally tells Susan, "I am not a moron." (0:40)


Sally tells Bea, referring to David, "I wish I knew that it wasn’t a joint I smoked when I was carrying him..."
Bea: ”You’re gonna drive yourself crazy thinking things like that.”
Sally, referring to smoking: ”You quit.”
Bea: ”You’re making me crazy...” (0:44)

Sally tells John, "We got an all night liquor store just around the corner, between a crack house and a welfare hotel."
”I thought your wife died.”
John: ”She did...” (0:47)

John tells David, "Patience." (0:58)

Sally tells John, "... I don’t have a winning phone personality... That doesn’t make you a particularly desirable personality." (1:00)

Sally tells Susan, "Everybody in California drives like a lunatic."
Susan: ”Will you stop worrying?”
Sally: ”So, who’s worried?” (1:02)

Philip asks Sally, "What, are you crazy?"
”What you do, breathing in the air as it comes out of his lungs is lunacy..” (1:07)

Bea answers Sally, "Because I’m exhausted from worrying about you." (1:15)