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Dead Heat on A Merry-go-round

James Coburn, Camilla Sparv, Aldo Ray, Nina Wayne, Robert Webber, Todd Armstrong, Michael Strong, Marian McCargo, Severn Darden, James Westerfield, Harrison Ford
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Group psychotherapy in a prison.
Psychologist Dr. Marion Hague: "We’ve discussed dissociation before..."
Inmate Eli Kotch, referring to odor: ”... I don’t associate it with any psychological problem... got to be a supplier of sorts... after hours booze for the lushes and grass for the potheads... I was ten, before my father died...” (0:02)

Inmate Red tells Eli, "Crazy." (0:06)

Marion tells Eli, "I'm an idiot." (0:08)

Jack Balter tells Eli, "Red must be out of his mind."
”You’re nuts.” (0:12)

Eli visits a funeral parlor.
Undertaker Barber: ”She's still under sedation.” (0:13)

Customer Frieda Schmid tells shoe salesman Eli, "At the moment I'm delving into psychosomatic medicine... I'm exploring the idea that sex is psychosomatic." (0:16)

Eli tells Frieda, "This is where my father died..." (0:19)

By telephone, Jack asks Eli, "Hey, you drunk or something?" (0:34)

Widow Margaret Kirby tells Eli, referring to her husband and a painting, "He bought it just before he died." (0:43)

Actor Paul Feng asks Eli, "Are you nuts?" (0:54)

Inger Knudson tells Eli, "I worried for you all day long." (0:57)

Eli tells the flight attendant, "I am a bit worried about all the crowd that’s going to be at the Los Angeles airport..." (1:13)

Police Sergeant Cox tells Eli, "It's like a madhouse here."
Referring to Eli’s accomplice Eddie Hart: ”I’m gonna have to put your man in with a psycho...” (1:19)