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Dial M for Murder

Ray Milland, Grace Kelly, Robert Cummings, John Williams, Antonio Margheriti, Leo Britt, Patrick Allen, George Leigh
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Charles Alexander Swann, now Captain Lesgate, tells Tony Wendice, "Well, you’ve got a better memory than I have."
”... I drive a hard bargain, drunk or sober.”
Tony: ”That’s one habit you’ve changed.”
”That letter became an obsession with me.”
”I should simply say that you came her half-drunk... then you said if I went to the police you’d tell some crazy story about my wanting you to murder my wife.”
”... middle-aged woman found dead due to an overdose of something...”
”When you realized you’d actually killed her, you panicked...” (0:11)

By telephone, his wife Margot tells Tony, "Albert Hall, you idiot." (0:32)

Tony tells Margot’s lover Mark Halliday, "We may be nursing a hangover." (0:34)

Tony tells Chief Inspector Hubbard, "My wife is suffering from considerable shock." (0:56)

Mark tells Tony, "That worried me for a while, too..."
Tony: ”It’s because of her association with you that she lost the sympathy of the jury.” (1:16)

Tony tells Mark and Hubbard, referring to Margot, "She was almost hysterical." (1:26)

Hubbard: "Mrs. Wendice, what I’m about to tell you may come as a shock."
Mark tells Margot, ”In a couple of days you’re gonna have the most wonderful breakdown.”
Margot: ”Mark, I think I’m going to have that breakdown.” (1:35)