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Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig, Christoph Waltz, Jason Sudeikis, Udo Kier, Hong Chau, Alec Baldwin, Neil Patrick Harris, Laura Dern, Maribeth Monroe, Rolf Lassgård, Søren Pilmark
hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Vicodin | methohexital | oxycodone-acetaminophen | Percocet
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Inventor Dr. Jørgen Asbjørnsen tells the audience, "... with the exception of some fish and shellfish, absolutely no side effects were detected... The subjects are placed under light sedation..." (0:05)

Occupational therapist Paul Safranek prepares an injection for his mother. (0:10)

Paul's friend Tim tells him, "My wife says I put people to sleep even without the drugs."
Paul: ”Occupational therapy.”
”Good memory.” (0:14)

Paul's friend Dave tells Paul, "Pretty much hit rock bottom." (0:16)

Jeff asks his wife Laura, "Are you crazy?" (0:22)

Her father Larry tells Paul's wife Audrey, "We worry." (0:26)

A woman asks Paul and Audrey, "Nervous?" (0:30)

A woman asks Paul and Audrey, "And do you understand that there exists an approximately one in 225,000 chance that the procedure could result in injury, permanent disability, or death?" (0:31)

A nurse injects Paul with methohexital. (0:34)

Paul's friend Dave tells him, "I know divorce can print a pretty good dent in anyone's self-esteem." (0:50)

Paul’s date tells him, "And of course Jonah gets freaked out about Grandma and Grandpa being so huge and scary." (0:51)

Paul's upstairs neighbor Dusan tells Paul, "Don't make big show like last time, yelling like crazy man." (0:54)

Dusan tells Paul, "This is the worst trait about small people." (0:57)

Paul appears to have psychedelic experiences after taking a drug. (1:04)

Paul tells housekeeper Ngoc Lan Tran, "Well, Vicodin. That's also a painkiller."
Ngoc Lan Tran: ”Painkiller? Painkiller good.” (1:09)

Paul tells Ngoc Lan, "Percocet."
Ngoc Lan: “Yes, Percocet.” (1:19)

Dusan: "Don't worry, Paul." (1:29)

Asbjørnsen tells the others, "Not a very successful species, these Homo sapiens, even with such great intelligence." (1:38)

Paul tells Ngoc Lan, "You know, if somebody told me 10 years ago... I’d have said he was crazy."
”Jesus, I'm such an idiot.” (1:40)

Solveig Edvardsen tells Asbjørnsen, "... you know how I am when I worry." (1:45)

"Oh, I worry too much for them."
Paul: ”Ngoc Lan, you can't just be worried for a few little people”
Ngoc Lan: ”You crazy man. Always I know you stupid, now I see you crazy too.”
Paul: ”How am I crazy?” (1:52)

Ngoc Lan: "Mr. Dusan, Mr. Konrad, talk to crazy Paul."
Dusan: ”Paul, come on, now you're talkin' crazy.”
”They're all going to go insane down there and kill each other...” (1:53)

Ngoc Lan tells Paul, "... drunk..." (1:56)

Paul tells Ngoc Lan, "Stop obsessing, will you?" (2:07)