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Duel in the Sun

Jennifer Jones, Joseph Cotten, Gregory Peck, Lionel Barrymore, Herbert Marshall, Lillian Gish, Walter Huston, Charles Bickford, Harry Carey Sr., Joan Tetzel, Tilly Losch, Butterfly McQueen, Scott McKay, Otto Kruger, Sidney Blackmer, Charles Dingle
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Scott Chavez tells his daughter Pearl, "They deserved to die, as I deserve to die, for I long since killed a person much superior to either of them: myself. I killed that person the day I gave my family’s name to the woman who became my wife, and since I believe the punishment should commit the crime, I suggest that you hang me by the neck until I am dead." (0:19)

Scott Chavez’s cousin Laura Belle McCanles tells Pearl, "Oh, I’ve been so selfish." (0:33)

Laura Belle’s son Jesse answers Pearl, "Nothing for you to worry your pretty little head about." (0:36)

Senator Jackson McCanles asks his son Jesse, "Have you gone plumb crazy?" (0:46)

Laura Belle tells Pearl, "I was so worried about you." (0:52)

Would-be preacher Jubal Crabbe tells Laura Belle, referring to Pearl, "Underneath that heathen blanket there’s a full-blossomed woman built by the devil to drive men crazy." (0:55)

The Senator tells Jesse, "... get out of my sight, and stay away from Spanish Bit as long as I live." (1:08)

Lewt tells maid Vashti, "You must be going out of your mind." (1:10)

Sid, referring to Lewt: "He’s just plumb crazy."
Pearl: ”Don’t you worry none about him.” (1:21)

The Senator asks Lewt, "Have you lost your mind?"
”You had me worried for a time, son.” (1:27)

Burial of Pearl’s cow hand fiance Sam Pierce in a graveyard. (1:42)

The Senator tells Laura Belle, "I went crazy... I just went crazy, and I rode through the night like a drunken Comanche. It was my own crazy jealousy that threw me off that horse.." (1:57)

Jesse learns of his mother’s death. (1:59)

Jesse asks Pearl, "Have you gone out of your mind?"
Pearl: ”Don’t you worry none about me.”
Jesse: ”It worried me sometimes to think I’d made so much of it.”
”It’s you who are feeling sorry for yourself.” (2:01)

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