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Effie Gray

Emma Thompson, Dakota Fanning, Julie Walters, Tom Sturridge, David Suchet, Greg Wise, Claudia Cardinale, Robbie Coltrane, James Fox, Riccardo Scamarcio, Derek Jacobi, Polly Dartford
ethyl alcohol-powdered opium
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Narrator: "The house was cold because someone's grandfather killed himself there." (0:01)

Maid Anna tells newlywed Euphemia “Effie” Gray, "Not to worry, madam." (0:12)

Academy President Sir Charles Eastlake: "I must confess to finding this addiction to an antique style backward-looking."
Lady Eastlake tells Effie, ”it was such a relief to hear an intelligent female voice.” (0:21)

Lady Eastlake asks the others, referring to Effie, "Did I shock her so profoundly when we first met." (0:31)

Their Venetian friend Raffaele tells the art critic, "Do not worry, Mr. Ruskin." (0:39)

Her husband John Ruskin tells Effie, referring to Venice, "... now she is a harlot, addicted to nothing but pleasure and voluptuousness." (0:47)

Neighbor, referring to John: "The mad one?" (0:48)

Doctor: "Mr. Ruskin, do you by any chance happen to know what was in that treatment of your mother’s?"
”... I think there’s laudanum in them. It’s a perfectly sensible treatment.”
John: ”Hysteria. Seeing things... growing upon her person.”
”Mere phantasms of a disordered brain.”
Doctor: ”Well, it’s undoubtedly a nervous complaint.”
”I prescribe an iron tonic for her.”
”For you, I prescribe a sharper eye and a keener ear.” (0:53)

Artist John Everett Millais asks John Ruskin, referring to Effie, "But you’re not anxious about leaving her alone?"
Ruskin: ”Look, have Mrs. McPhail to stay, then, if you’re worried the locals will take offense.”
Millais: ”I’m not worried about the locals.” (1:11)

His mother Margaret Cox Ruskin tells John, referring to his slurping of soup, "It makes you sound like an imbecile." (1:21)

Effie tells Lady Eastlake, "After that, he said we should wait until I was 25. By then, he said that I professed such a dislike for him that it would be a sin, and an even further sin to have children, because I was wicked, and probably insane." (1:25)

Dr. Lee tells Effie, referring to John, "He must be mad." (1:27)

Solicitor: "... madness, unfortunately, is not sufficient grounds for divorce." (1:28)

Effie tells her sister Sophie, "Do not worry, lambkin." (1:30)

Solicitor, answering John, referring to the annulment: "On the grounds of impotency, sir." (1:37)