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El Camino (2015)

David Ty Reza, Robert A. Macias, Jacqueline Grace Lopez
cocaine | crack cocaine | methamphetamine
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Memorial service for Dio (0:03)

Artist Miguel tells his grandmother Nana, "I stopped using. I’m clean."
Nana: ”What did you stop using?”
Miguel: ”All of it, cold turkey.”
”I was too stubborn and selfish to care.” (0:05)

Partier: "Got stashed up on that blue shit... I’m ready to get blitzed." (0:09)

MIguel prepares a glass pipe to smoke a drug. (0:10)

A man then a woman snort cocaine from a mirror through a rolled bill. Others snort from various body parts. (0:14)

Miguel smokes glass pipe. (0:16)

Emergency medical technician Jose tells Miguel, "Your parents and Nina didn’t leave it to you... some kind of junkie heaven..." (0:22)

Dio tells Miguel, "Didn’t mean to make you trip." (0:23)

Dio tells Miguel, "You on that sugar rock now, ain’t you?" (0:26)

A bystander tells Miguel and a victim, "Don’t worry." (0:29)

Dio tells Miguel, "An address to about a hundred Gs worth of coke."
”I stashed it away before I got locked up.” (0:34)

Woman snorting cocaine (0:36)

Miguel answers a partier: "My... stash." (0:38)

Miguel asks Dio, "Where does a Tejano blood stash a hundred Gs in coke?"
Dio: ”You just look like you’re ready to binge.”
”Your junkie ass could use the exercise.” (0:41)

Miguel tries to smoke a glass pipe. (0:43)

Radio reporter: "A gang related homicide gone cold and a drug bust shootout that led authorities to an arrest... 2 weeks ago a drug sweep led police to the Blanco brothers’ home... seizing a shipment of cocaine..." (0:46)

Miguel asks Dio, "What you trippin’ on, fool?"
Dio: ”I know when you’re strung out.” (0:47)

Grace asks Miguel, "Are you going through withdrawals?"
”... you’re kind of freaking me out...”
Miguel: ”Dio was inside, getting his stash... and I was too high... I was too high.” (0:49)

Miguel finds the lifeless body of Dio. (0:52)

A robber asks Miguel, "You think goin’ straight-edge has gone and done you any favors?" (0:56)

Miguel handles a packet of drug.
Miguel pours white powder onto a mirror and rolls up a bill. (1:00)

Miguel walks through a cemetery. (1:02)

Miguel holds the muzzle of a revolver to his forehead. (1:04)

"The police seized a duffle bag full of cocaine in the same shack where they found Dio’s body."
Miguel: ”The drugs, they were just a way of him making a fresh start for himself.”
”I was ready to end my own misery with a loaded gun.”
Grace: ”I mean, Jesus, you’re clean after all these years. Do you know the recovery rate of a meth head?” (1:06)

Jose tells Miguel, "... maybe it’s time you got away... from this drug infested house and what it reminds you of." (1:12)

Miguel handles a packet of drug, then blows white powder from his hand into the air. (1:17)