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Farrah Fawcett, James Russo, Alfre Woodard, Diana Scarwid, Sandy Martin, Eddie Velez, Tom Everett, Donna Lynn Leavy, Enid Kent, Michael Hennessy
atropine | marijuana | BACtrack Select S80 Breathalyzer Professional Edition
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A police desk sergeant tells a woman, referring to the woman’s son, "He’s drunk, ma’am."
”His Breathalyzer test is like that.” (0:11)

Joe asks Marjorie, "What are we worried about, huh?" (0:26)

Joe tells Marjorie’s housemate Terry, "... tell the court what you did, Terry, when wacko was diggin’ a hole..." (0:57)

Marjorie’s social worker housemate Pat: "Marjorie, you’re in shock and don’t know what you’re saying."
Marjorie: ”I’m not in shock.”
Terry, referring to Marjorie: ”She’s out of her mind.”
Pat reads the label on a spray can: ”Atropine is antidotal.”
Marjorie tells Pat, ”Look, I’m not one of your... social work cases.”
Pat tells Terry, ”Shut up, idiot.”
Pat: ”I want that atropine from the drugstore.”
”Marjorie, I want that atropine.” (1:01)

Marjorie tells Pat, "I should have crushed his skull." (1:09)

Pat: "Terry, this isn’t atropine."
Terry: ”Yeah, well, it’s a prescription drug, idiot.” (1:10)

Joe, referring to Marjorie: "We smoked a joint, you know. We got a little crazy."
”I get up here, she goes crazy.” (1:14)

Joe, referring to his wife, "... and I says, ‘Don’t worry, honey.’" (1:22)