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Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

Annette Bening, Jamie Bell, Julie Walters, Vanessa Redgrave, Stephen Graham, Kenneth Cranham, Frances Barber, Leanne Best, James Bloor, Isabella Laughland, Suzanne Bertish, Jay Villiers, Michael Billington, Rick Bacon
Gloria Grahame | Liza Minnelli
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Bella's actor son Peter: "Ma, you sound stressed."
Peter: ”Don't be daft.”
Ma: ”You two don't be daft.”
”Ma, you're stressed because it's the first time you were on an airplane and that.” (0:06)

The landlady tells Peter, referring to actress Gloria Grahame, "She's renting a room in my house and talking a lot of bollocks." (0:13)

Gloria asks Peter, "Hey, have you seen the movie Saturday Night Fever?"
Peter: ”Well, I like drunk dancing.” (0:14)

Theater marquee: "Alien" (0:19)

Peter tells Gloria, "You know, Sundance Kid." (0:21)

Gloria and Peter watch "Naked Alibi" in a movie theater. (0:26)

Peter tells his father, "In a Lonely Place." (0:30)

Gloria tells her mother Jeanne, "The Bard's the nuts, mom."
Gloria’s sister Joy, referring to Nick Ray: ”He directed Rebel Without a Cause.” (0:37)

Gloria tells Peter, referring to the fish, "They swim up to the beach and go crazy for each other." (0:42)

Bella tells Gloria, "Don't be daft." (0:45)

Peter tells Bella, referring to Gloria, "Ma, she's not delirious upstairs." (0:52)

His cousin Eileen tells Peter, "Don't be daft." (0:57)

Gloria tells Peter, referring to Eileen, "Crazy girl." (1:00)

Peter tells Gloria, "That's crazy speak. It's crazy that we're in New York, and you miss Liverpool."
Gloria: ”Oh, yippee, Liza's here.”
Peter: ”Liza?”
Gloria: ”Yeah, Liza.”
Man: ”One more, Miss Minnelli.”
Peter: ”And Liza.” (1:00)

Peter tells Gloria, "I was just starting to get worried, that's all."
Gloria: ”Yeah, well I'm in a bad mood.” (1:08)

Peter tells Gloria, "You're acting like a crazy old... lady."
Gloria: ” I'm acting like a crazy... what?” (1:11)

Bella tells Peter, referring to Gloria, "She's picking at herself." (1:14)

Gloria tells Dr. Grace, "You know, I don't like taking drugs if I can help it..." (1:16)

Peter tells Gloria, "You're acting like a crazy old... lady." (1:22)

Peter Tells Gloria, "The Bard’s the nuts, huh?" (1:26)