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Georgy Girl

James Mason, Alan Bates, Lynn Redgrave, Charlotte Rampling, Bill Owen, Clare Kelly, Rachel Kempson, Denise Coffey, Peggy Thorpe-Bates, Dandy Nichols, Dorothy Alison
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Georgina "Georgy" Parkin tells her violinist friend Meredith, "You must be drunk." (0:16)

Meredith tells Georgy, "Okay, if you’re going to be suicidal, I’ll stay." (0:23)

Georgy tells her parents’ employer James Leamington, "It’s madly gay, darling."
”I must be mad.” (0:26)

Georgy: "Don’t worry, Meredith."
Meredith’s bank clerk boyfriend Jos Jones tells Georgy, ”Don’t worry.” (0:41)

Television narrator: "You can see the value of giving the mother an injection of the drug called Erzontine."
Meredith tells Georgy and Jos, ”I can have this baby quite efficiently, thank you, without going into some enormous trance as if I was at Lourdes.” (0:51)

Georgy’s mother Doris tells James, referring to his wife Ellen, "She’s dead." (0:57)

Georgy’s father Ted tells James, "You’re too overcome with grief and shock." (0:58)

James with the casket, funeral procession (0:59)

James asks Ted, referring to Georgy, "Doesn’t it worry you sometimes, the danger she runs?" (1:04)

Jos asks Meredith, "Have you got any aspirin or dope or anything?" (1:15)

Jos tells a nurse, "Oh, don’t worry." (1:17)

James: "You’re mad, Georgy." (1:24)

The health visitor asks Georgy, referring to Jos and his daughter Sara, "But the husband has custody of the child?" (1:28)

Jos tells Georgy, "One wintry afternoon... I watched a fellow drown himself."
”First of all I thought he was one of these health perverts... I’ve never felt suicidal, Georgy, till the last few weeks.” (1:31)