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Glen or Glenda

Ed Wood, Bela Lugosi, Dolores Fuller
Ed Wood | hormone
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Transvestite found dead (0:06)

Glen: "I was put in jail recently. Why? Because I, a man, was found out on the street wearing women's clothing." (0:06)

Dr. Alton asks Inspector Warren, "The suicide?"
Warren: ”The suicide.”
”You're referring to the suicide of the transvestite?”
Warren: ”If that's the word you men of medical science use for a man who wears woman's clothing.”
Alton: ”Sex change has been performed many times... Patric, Patricia, the suicide.”
”You can only fully understand the sex change by taking two entirely different cases...” (0:08)

Glen dressed in women’s clothes (0:12)

Newspaper headline: "WORLD SHOCKED BY SEX CHANGE"

Narrator: "This person is a transvestite, a man who is more comfortable wearing girl’s clothes. The term transvestite is the name given by medical science to those persons who wear the clothing of the opposite sex. Many a transvestite actually wishes to be the opposite sex... Most transvestites do not want to change their life..." (0:13)

Narrator: "... the true instinct, the animal instinct... Where is the animal instinct in modern civilization?" (0:17)

"There are names for boys who go around wearing girls clothes."
Glenn wearing a dress (0:19)

Narrator: "Glenn is a transvestite, but he is not a homosexual. Transvestism is the term given by medical science to those persons who desperately wish to wear the clothing of the opposite sex..." (0:21)

Glenn's fiance Barbara tells Glenn, "I wonder what I would do... if I were in the mental turmoil that that person went through, or if I suddenly realized that something was mentally wrong with you... Our fourth term in psychology explains a lot of the facts..." (0:23)

Narrator, referring to Glen: "It was becoming an obsession to him." (0:24)

Narrator: "The world is shocked by a person who changed his sex." (0:26)

Jack asks Joe, "Say, did you read about the guy that changed to a girl?" (0:28)

Glenn tells his friend Johnny, referring to women's clothes, "I had to put them on or go out of my mind." (0:31)

Narrator, referring to Johnny: "He’d kept quiet about his transvestite desires..."
”Glen/Glenda should consult a competent psychiatrist, but then very few transvestites wish to change their strange desires....” (0:32)

Narrator: "Glenn has decided to tell Barbara of his dual personality..." (0:49)

Warren tells Alton, "First, you must realize that each transvestite the world over has a particular problem..."
”No, transvestism is not hereditary.”
”Allen had learned all the terms directed at men like himself, but no one had found out his aversion... He learned that foreign doctors were doing marvelous work with a sex change... Hundreds of hormone shots were injected into various parts of his body...”
A medical professional injects Allen’s arm.
”Continuing my own psychiatric treatment, it was my duty now to explain to Anne the duty of a woman...”
Warren: ”Then you believe that the Glenn of the first story should have the sex change?”
Alton: ”Glenn would never be happy with a sex change.”
Alton: ”Shortly after Glen told Barbara of his love for girl’s clothing he started treatments with me. On the last treatment both he and Barbara came to me.” (0:52)

Alton tells Glenn and Barbara, "Remember, I said, no matter what the case... a new challenge to a psychoanalysis." (1:04)

Narrator: "Soon, due to a happily married life, remembrance of the psychiatric treatments, and Barbara’s love and understanding, Glenda begins to disappear forever from Glen." (1:06)