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Gods and Monsters

CastIan McKellen, Brendan Fraser, Lynn Redgrave, Lolita Davidovich, Jesse James, David Dukes, Kevin J. O'Connor, Mark Kiely, Jack Plotnick, Rosalind Ayres, Jack Betts, Matt McKenzie, Todd Babcock, Cornelia Hayes O'Herlihy, Brandon Kleyla, Pamela Salem
Year released1998
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David Lewis tells movie director James Whale, referring to housekeeper Hanna, “... she tells me that you haven’t been sleeping very well. ”
James: "Well, it’s these ridiculous pills they prescribe, for instance, the Luminal."
David: ”Then take the Luminal.” (0:03)

James tells gardener Clayton Boone, "No need to worry about a bathing suit." (0:05)

James tells Hanna, "Oh, don’t be daft." (0:07)

Student Edmund Kay tells James, "That’s my favorite line, in my favorite movie of yours, Bride of Frankenstein."
”I love the great horror films, and yours are the best: The Old Dark House, The Invisible Man.” (0:08)

James answers Edmund, "A homosexual scandal, you mean."
Edmund: ”George Cukor, who made A Star Is Born?”
”Well, you tell me everything you remember about making Frankenstein.”
”Okay, Frankenstein...”
James: ”Oh, don’t be daft.” (0:12)

James tells Hanna, "Luminal."
Hanna: ”Perhaps I should get you uphill before the pills knock you out.”
James experiences a flashback of combat. (0:16)

Dr. Payne tells James, "Whatever damage was done by your stroke, it left your motor ability relatively unimpaired.”
“The central nervous system selects items from a constant storm of sensations. Whatever was killed in your stroke seems to have short-circuited this mechanism.."
James: ”What about... the phantom smells?”
Payne: ”I’ve never encountered the olfactory hallucinations before...
”Take the Luminal to sleep and whenever you feel an attack coming on.” (0:18)

James: "Don’t you worry, Hanna." (0:19)

James tells Cllayton, "The only ones you may have heard of are the Frankenstein movies." Clayton: “Frankenstein?... Bride of Frankenstein, and son of...?”
James: ”Touch of stroke.” (0:22)

Clayton answers James, "Bride of Frankenstein."
”I much prefer The Invisible Man or Show Boat.”
James sees his father when he looks at Clayton.
”Since my stroke I am often overcome with nostalgia.”
Clayton: ”I’m not crazy about the old man myself....” (0:27)

Bride of Frankenstein plays on television in the bar and for James and Hanna. (0:34)

Bartender Harry, referring to the movie: "Sick stuff, necrophilia." (0:35)

Actor Colin Clive: "I thought we were mad scientists, not hairdressers."
Actress Elsa Lanchester: ”Only a mad scientist could’ve done this to a woman.” (0:37)

Hanna tells Clayton, referring to her husband, "He’s dead now." (0:46)

James tells Clayton, "Freedom is a drug, you know, much like any other."
”I’d made Showboat... The picture was called The Road Back.”
”David, of course, was still in the thick of it, a life chockablock with anxiety and studio intrigue.” (0:53)

James Tells Clayton, "Yeah, the crazy old poof..."
”What do you think I am, some... senile?” (1:02)

James experiences a flashback of combat experience. (1:06)

James tells Cllayton, "Oh, don’t worry." (1:09)

Kay tells the photographer, "This is Mr. James Whale who made Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein..."
The flash of the bulb triggers more flashbacks. (1:14)

James sees a vision of his friend Barnett? (1:16, 1:18, 1:19)

Clayton tells James, "Oh, don’t worry." (1:17)

James tells Clayton of the death of his friend Barnett. (1:23)

James tells Clayton, "I’m losing my mind." (1:29)

Hanna tells Clayton, referring to James, "You could give him a new stroke." (1:34)

Clayton finds James’ lifeless body in the swimming pool.
Clayton tells Hanna, referring to James, “He wanted me to kill him, and then he did it himself.” (1:35)

Clayton and his young son watch Frankenstein. (1:38)

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