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Grand Canyon (1991)

Danny Glover, Kevin Kline, Steve Martin, Mary McDonnell, Mary-Louise Parker, Alfre Woodard, Jeremy Sisto, Tina Lifford, Patrick Malone, Randle Mell
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Gangster Jim, referring to lawyer Mack: "He nervous, y’all. What you so nervous about, man?" (0:11)

By telephone Mack tells his son Roberto, "Like an idiot, I took a shortcut..." (0:20)

Tow truck driver Simon tells Mack, "It might not be worth worrying about."
”Me and my worries.” (0:22)

Mack tells Roberto, "Right, the counselor in training." (0:26)

Surgeon, referring to Mack’s movie producer friend Davis: "Is he conscious?" (0:29)

Mack’s secretary Dee asks her friend, "Jane, do you ever feel like you’re just this far from being completely hysterical 24 hours a day?"
Jane: ”The rest of the people are hysterical 24 hours a day.” (0:38)

Roberto tells camper Jackson, "Made me nuts." (0:53)

His wife Claire tells Mack, "The world is so nuts..." (0:55)

Davis’s girlfriend Vanessa tells Mack, referring to Claire, "She is the most self-actualized person I ever met." (1:05)

Davis tells Mack, "I had some kind of vision, some insight, but I don’t wanna talk about it."
”So, since you’re currently obsessed with the question of what’s going down and why are you going with it... ” (1:06)

Mack tells Simon, referring to a meeting, "I was worried about it, actually."
Simon: ”You’ve got a right to figure out what confuses you...”
My father died last year.” (1:12)

Davis tells Claire, "I can’t contribute another stone to this landslide of dehumanizing rage that has swept across this country like a pestilence. That’s a mixed metaphor, is’t it?"
”There’s a fortune to be made in stories about... the very instinct for living...” (1:19)

Simon tells Mack, referring to Simon’s sister, "Deborah’s really confused." (1:28)

Claire tells Roberto, "I am crazy for your father." (1:32)

Simon tells Dee’s friend Jane, "I’m just surprised at how nervous I am." (1:34)

Roberto asks Mack, "So I was thinking, why should I tell Mom she’s crazy to want this baby? I don’t want her telling me my stuff is crazy. Maybe it’s not so crazy for her."
”Because some idiot is always liable to run a red light.”
Driver: ”You idiot!”
Mack: ”That guy was a cretin. The thing is, it’s so crazy out there, you gotta react really fast.” (1:56)

Davis tells Mack, "I must have been delirious for a few weeks there."
”I was talking like a moron.”
”Yeah, and what’s come outta this big hole is an eruption of rage, and the rage creates violence, and the violence is real, Mack.”
”There so much rage going around...”
Mack: ”I’m shocked you’d use it.”
Davis: ”Mack, you ever seen a movie called Sullivan’s Travels?” (2:02)

Mack answers Simon, "Compulsion to stick my nose where it doesn’t belong." (2:07)