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CastDavid Oyelowo, Charlize Theron, Joel Edgerton, Amanda Seyfried, Thandie Newton, Sharlto Copley, Yul Vázquez, Michael Angarano, Alan Ruck, Harry Treadaway, Kenneth Choi, Melonie Diaz, Diego Cataño, Hector Kotsifakis, Paris Jackson
Year released2018
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His accountant Stu tells pharmaceutical executive Harold Soyinka, "The loans, the insane office space..." (0:04)

Receptionist: "Good morning, Promethium Pharmaceuticals." (0:05)

Harry tells Richard Rusk, "Lakeshore was crazy this morning." (0:05)

Guitar salesman Miles tells Nelly, " All right, so I'll be like a little drug mule, perfect." (0:10)

Harry tells his wife Bonnie, "Stu's a little worried." (0:14)

Elaine Markinson tells plant manager Celerino Sanchez, "I mean, if you can take care of 35 kids, I think you can handle one drug dealer." (0:19)

Richard: "Harold, the inventory thing worried us..."
Referring to Elaine: ”You're hearing things. He's hearing things.” (0:19)

Sanchez tells the drug lord Villegas ("The Black Panther"), "If you’re going to worry about someone, you worry about me." (0:29)

Marketing video: "Alleviate, initiate, innovate with Cannabax." (0:34)

Richard tells the others, "Medical marijuana is already a multi-billion-dollar industry."
Elaine: ”If you;ve got a card, you can legally rip a bong in Lincoln's bedroom.”
Richard tells executive Marty, ”The future of marijuana is this pill.”
Elaine: ”Think Pfizer... Even a complete retard will tell you Neil Armstrong did it first.” (0:34)

Referring to Harold: "He's crazy." (0:40)

Elaine tells Richard, "That's crazy."
”I say crazy s*** all the time.” (0:42)

By telephone, Richard's brother Mitch tells Richard, "Let's get to... the greedy part, the selfish part."
”Have you lost your... mind?” (0:45)

Sunny tells guitar salesman Miles, referring to Harold, "A DEA guy. Yeah, he’s a DEA guy on the trail of some big drug thingy..." (0:46)

Harry asks the bartender, referring to Richard, "What do this crazy man do?" (0:54)

Miles tells sunny, "I'm not stopping the car for... DEA agent." (0:59)

Richard tells his secretary Mia, "Keep that up, you will passive-aggressive yourself straight to the unemployment line, then you'll have plenty of time to worry about Harold." (1:01)

Sonny tells Harold, "Miles will be back soon with your painkillers..." (1:01)

Mitch tells Richard, "You tend to have a faulty memory where money is concerned." (1:04)

Mitch tells Harold, referring to a woman mauled by her pet bear, "She's shocked." (1:13)

Mitch tells Harold, "It's an injectable microchip." (1:16)

Mitch tells Harold, referring to Judas, "He hung himself, man." (1:24)

A man tells his brother, "No worries. No worries." (1:26)

Villegas tells Harold, "Don't worry... Don’t worry..." (1:28)

Miles tells Harold, "Sunny said you were... DEA." (1:31)

Angel tells Harold, "I'm Victor Cruz... with the DEA." (1:32)

Funeral in cemetery (1:40)

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