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James Stewart, Victoria Horne, Charles Drake, Jesse White, Josephine Hull, Cecil Kellaway
Jimmy Stewart
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Elwood shows his invisible friend Harvey through the gate, talks to him. (0:01)

Elwood helps Harvey across a street and into a bar, talks to him. (0:08)

Elwood introduces Harvey to Aunt Ethel. (0:15)

Sign over gate: “CHUMLEY’S REST” (0:20)

Admitting nurse Kelly tells Elwood’s sister Veta, “And you wish to enter your brother here at the sanitarium for treatment.” (0:21)

Veta asks Dr. Sanderson, “Doctor, everything I say to you is confidential, isn’t it?”
Sanderson: ”I am a psychiatrist.”
Veta: ”And I want him committed out here permanently.”
”He’s lost interest in everything else.”
”Every once in awhile I see this big white rabbit myself.”
Sanderson: ”Your mother’s death, it depressed you considerably.” (0:24)

Sanderson tells orderly Wilson, “It’s a fine time to leave the desk when I’ve got a new patient in my office.” (0:27)

Wilson locks Veta in a quiet room. Sanderson tells him, “I’ll be right up and prescribe some preliminary treatment.”
Sanderson tells Kelly, ”Always used by a cunning type of psychopath.”
”This man Dowd can sue us for false commitment. He can own the whole sanitarium.”
”They may be putting him in the hydro room right now.” (0:29)

Kelly finds Elwood in the hydrotherapy room. (0:31)

Sanderson tells Elwood, “Well she came in here insisting you needed treatment.”
”Her alcoholism isn’t the basis for my diagnosis.”
”I think your sister’s condition stems from trauma.”
”Well if this were an ordinary delusion, something reflected on the memory picture... So she must be committed here temporarily. Under the circumstances I’d commit my own grandmother.”
Sanderson tells Kelly, “Psychology...” (0:35)

Elwood tells psychiatrist Dr. Chumley’s wife Mrs. Chumley, referring to Harvey, “He’s a Pooka. “
Mrs. Chumley: ”A Pooka?”
”But Harvey’s not only a pooka...” (0:40)

Dr. Chumley: “While I‘ve had many patients out here with animals I’ve never had a patient with an animal that large.”
Mrs. Chumley: ”He said his friend was a pooka.”
Dr. Chumley tells Sanderson, ”You’ve allowed a psychopathic case to walk out of here and roam around...”
Mrs. Chumley asks Wilson, “What’s a pooka?”
Wilson reads a dictionary entry about the word "pooka." (0:43)

Veta’s daughter Myrtle tells judge Omar, “Well she took Uncle Elwood out to the sanitarium.”
Omar, referring to Veta: “She’s hysterical.”
Myrtle: “What on earth is mother hysterical about?”
Judge: ”What’s the number of that sanitarium?”
Myrtle: ”All she had to do was have Uncle Elwood locked up.”
Veta: “Well he hustled me into the sanitarium and dumped me down in that tub of water...”
”... and treated me as though I was a crazy woman.”
”That awful pooka.”
Wilson tells Omar, “I don’t want no part of that wacky dame.”
Wilson tells Myrtle, “You’ve got the screwiest uncle that ever stuck his puss inside our nuthouse.”
”But I don’t want that crazy dame on my neck.”
”I’ll see you tomorrow, Myrtle, out at the nuthouse.”
Dr. Chumley tells Veta, referring to Elwood, he plans to “take him to the sanitarium where he belongs.” (0:47)

Sanderson tells Kelly, “I’m going to miss every one of the psychos and the neuros and the schizos in the place.”
Kelly: ”You can miss your psychos and your schizos...”
Sanderson: “You’re getting neurotic.”
Kelly: ”Now don’t start analyzing me. Save your psychiatry for your next job.”
Sanderson: ”I’m not using psychiatry... That chip on your shoulder stems from a persecution complex that undoubtedly goes back to childhood.”
Kelly: ”Now could you tell me what an over-inflated ego stems from?”
Wilson: “Didn’t Dr. Chumley come back here with that psycho?” (1:01)

Wilson tells bartender Cracker, “I’m so nervous I don’t know what I’m saying.”
Sanderson tells Wilson, “Psychology.”
Elwood: “Well, I’ve wrestled with reality for 35 years, and I’m happy to state I finally won out over it.” (1:03)

Elwood tells the others, “Mrs. Smithell’s escort seemed to get more and more depressed as he kept looking at Dr. Chumley...” (1:07)

Elwood quotes what Harvey told him to Sanderson and Kelly: “Ed Hickey was a little spiffed...”
Sanderson tells Elwood, “We’re going back to the sanitarium.” (1:14)

Elwood asks Dr. Chumley, “You mean Harvey the pooka?”
Chumley lies on the couch and talks to Elwood. Chumley, referring to Veta: “Today she had commitment papers drawn up.”
Veta: “I thought you’d be committing Elwood.”
Sanderson: “Well in my opinion Elwood P. Dowd is suffering from a third degree hallucination and I recommend formula number 0-7-7.” (1:22)

Cab driver Lofgren tells Omar, “She didn’t say anything, and a fellow gets nervous after a while.”
Veta, referring to Elwood: ”He’s in their getting an injection.”
“Dr. Sanderson’s giving the injection.”
Veta: ”You haven’t given him the injection have you?”
Omar: “She wants to stop the injection.” (1:34)

Elwood tells Harvey he can stay with Chumley. (1:41)

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