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Has Anybody Seen My Gal?

Rock Hudson, Piper Laurie, Charles Coburn, Gigi Perreau, Lynn Bari, Larry Gates, William Reynolds
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Dr. Wallace tells wealthy Samuel Fulton, "Just... don’t worry... and you’ll outlive all these heirs..."
Referring to Millicent Blaisdell, ”She died a few years ago, shortly after her husband passed on.”
Wallace: ”Indulge yourself in some mental therapy...”
”What if the Blaesdells turn out to be drunkards...?”
Fulton: ”Millie’s children drunkards...” (0:03)

Fulton tells Millicent’s pharmacist son Charles Blaisdell, referring to a headache, "No, but if I had to stay in this madhouse long, I’d have one." (0:08)

Soda jerk Dan Stebbins tells Charles’ daughter Millie Blaisdell, "Bessie Love and Tom Moore in Anybody Here Seen Kelly?" (0:08)

Millie asks her mother Harriet, "Anybody Here Seen Kelly?" (0:10)

Young Roberta, Millie’s sister, tells Fulton (now John Smith), referring to her grandmother, "She died when I was six." (0:13)

Smith tells Roberta, referring to dinner, "I’ll manage to worry it down." (0:17)

Charles tells some customers, "Just be patient, will you, fellas." (0:28)

Roberta tells Smith, referring to the eccentric, "He’s crazy."
Harriet faints at the thought of wealth.
Dan: ”Don’t worry about that, Mrs. Blaisdell.” (0:38)

Policeman Clancy tells Smith, "That’s the trouble with prohibition."
Clancy, referring to Smith: ”Sometimes I think that old coot is as batty as a baseball game.” (0:51)

Smith tells the others, referring to poker, "... I hope you’ll be patient if I’m a bit slow about it."
Card player: ”Don’t worry, chum.” (0:58)

Sign on bicycle: "QUINN’S DRUG CO" (1:03)

Harriet: "I think it’s perfectly ridiculous of you, Millicent, to miss my mahjong party for Mr. Smith, just to help him arrange his crazy paintings for an art exhibit." (1:04)

Theater marquee: “HOLD YOUR MAN"
Millie, Dan and Smith watch the movie. (1:07)

Smith tells new pharmacy owner Mr. Quinn, "What you need is... some sort of mental therapy, like painting..." (1:17)

Carl’s mother Clarissa tells Howard, "You’re so nervous." (1:18)

Smith tells Charles, referring to Edward, "He must have a remarkable memory..." (1:22)

Harriet faints at the prospect of Charles opening another store. (1:24)