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Hillbilly Elegy

Amy Adams, Glenn Close, Gabriel Basso, Haley Bennett, Freida Pinto, Bo Hopkins, Owen Asztalos
buprenorphine-naloxone | Suboxone | heroin | marijuana
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His law school classmate and girlfriend Usha asks law student J.D. Vance, "Are you nervous?" (0:12)

By telephone, J.D. tells Usha, "I’m such an idiot." (0:17)

By telephone, his sister Lindsay tells J.D., referring to their mother Beverly, "She started using again."
”She ODd.” (0:17)

By telephone Lindsay tells J.D., "... this dirtbag Mom’s been screwing, Ray, is a junkie." (0:21)

Bev tells J.D., "I could crash this car, and I could kill us."
Bev beats J.D.. (0:29)

By telephone, J.D. tells Usha, referring to Bev, "She’s using again." (0:32)

J.D. asks Bev’s nurse, "Is there a facility that you set up for patients?" (0:37)

Bev’s physician Dr. Newton tells J.D., "The best you’re gonna do is a Suboxone prescription for her to take home."
J.D.: ”This is probably where this shit started with the pain pills and the bullshit.” (0:38)

J.D.: "Heroin, Lindsay?" (0:41)

The rest of the family finds Bev’s father Jim dead. (0:41)

Funeral procession (0:42)

Burial (0:43)

Mamaw and J.D. Watch Terminator 2: Judgment Day on television. Mamaw: “Hasta la vista, baby.”
”Everyone in this world is one of three kinds: a good Terminator, a bad Terminator and neutral.”
J.D.: “You’re a good Terminator.”
Referring to Papaw: “He was a good Terminator.”
Mamaw, referring to noise from outside: ”One of them crazies down the street.” (0:47)

J.D. tells his friends, referring to Bev, "I was just trying to find her a rehab."
J.D.’s friend Louis asks Cheryl, ”Doesn’t your friend Sally work over at that rehab in...” (0:52)

By telephone, J.D. tells Usha, "We’re having a bitch of a time finding her a rehab..."
”My mom overdosed on heroin.” (0:54)

Lindsay asks J.D., "You really think rehab..."
”Think it’ll do any good this time?” (0:56)

J.D. tells Bev, "You’re good to go once the doctor and the therapist do their assessment of you."
”How can you be so... selfish?” (1:00)

Mamaw tells Papaw, "You come home drunk one more time, I’m gonna light your ass on fire."
”Get out, you drunk asshole!” (1:02)

Poster for "Casino" in Bev’s new husband Ken’s house. (1:06)

Ken’s son Travis shows J.D. their marijuana plants. He asks J.D., “Wanna get high?
J.D.: ”It’s a gateway drug. My mom’s in recovery.” (1:07)

Bev tells J.D., referring to urine samples, "Mamaw’s got a hundred prescriptions in hers."
”You should’ve thought of that before you did drugs.” (1:08)

Travis and his friends huffing from an aerosol can
Doug tells J.D., referring to another’s girlfriend, ”She’s pregnant, idiot.” (1:14)

Ray calls Bev, "You junkie whore." (1:17)

Travis and J.D. share a glass pipe. (1:22)

Bev tells J.D., referring to Mamaw, "She’s crazy... She’s been crazy my whole life, but if you want to go live with that crazy old witch, you go right ahead." (1:23)

Mamaw tells J.D., referring to his friends, "Three years from now those idiots will be on food stamps or in jail." (1:26)

J.D. finds Bev preparing to inject her foot. (1:38)

By telephone, J.D. tells Usha, "Guess I was just worried that I’d scare you off."
Referring to Mamaw: ”I couldn’t, like, believe she was actually gone.” (1:45)

Title, referring to Bev: "She has been sober for six years." (1:50)