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Hope and Glory

Sebastian Rice-Edwards, Geraldine Muir, Sarah Miles, David Hayman, Sammi Davis, Derrick O'Connor, Susan Wooldridge, Jean-Marc Barr, Ian Bannen, Colin Higgins, Susan Brown
Adolf Hitler | King George VI
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Molly tells Grace, referring to Grace’s children, "It’s selfish to keep them with you." (0:06)

Grace’s son Billy tells his sister, "Don’t worry, Sue." (0:08)

Grace tells her husband Clive,"Don’t be daft." (0:12)

The headmaster prays: "Lord, send troublesome dreams to Herr Hitler." (0:25)

The headmaster tells the children, "Don’t panic." (0:27)

The children approach Pauline who lost her mother in an air raid. (0:42)

Her daughter Dawn tells Grace, referring to her boyfriend, "I’ll kill myself if I don’t have him." (0:52)

Grace tells Clive, referring to the Germans, "They know we are mad on jam." (0:55)

Clive tells his friend Mac, "This Hitler fellow..." (0:59)

Mac tells the others, "Don’t panic." (1:01)

King George VI on the radio, stuttering: "Shine more brightly than it does now, nor fortitude, nor sacrifice, nor sympathy, nor neighborly kindness."
Clive tells Billy, ”If he stutters, we falter.” (1:08)

Cross-dressing for a game. (1:09)

Grace tells her father, "You’re drunk, Dadda." (1:10)

Dawn asks Grace, "Are you strong enough for another shock?" (1:23)

Dawn tells Billy, "A shock like that could give me a miscarriage." (1:26)

Woman: "I was so worried." (1:31)

Clive toasts "... grumpy grandfathers..." (1:44)

Grace tells Dawn, "Don’t panic." (1:46)

Billy faints when he sees Dawn giving birth. (1:47)

One of Billy’s gang, seeing that a German bomb has destroyed their school: "Thank you, Adolf." (1:50)