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Howards End

Vanessa Redgrave, Helena Bonham Carter, Joseph Bennett, Emma Thompson, Prunella Scales, Adrian Ross Magenty, Jo Kendall, Anthony Hopkins, James Wilby, Jemma Redgrave, Samuel West
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Charles Wilcox tells Juley Schlegel, referring to his brother Paul, "The idiot." (0:10)

Music lecturer: "Panic and emptiness, that is what a goblin signifies. Minor, spelling panic..." (0:13)

Jacky tells her clerk fiance Leonard Bast, "I’m off my head with worrying."
”Every time I worry, I get starving hungry.” (0:21)

Ruth Wilcox tells Margaret Schlegel, referring to her house, "It was left to me by my brother who died out in India." (0:29)

Margaret tells servant Annie, "You’re very patient with us." (0:31)

Ruth tells Margaret, "You’ve kept me from brooding. I’m too apt to brood." (0:33)

Margaret’s sister Helen: "Good night, yes, well, you worry about the first." (0:54)

Margaret tells Ruth’s widower Henry, referring to Leonard Bast, "We have met a young man... who... we think sensitive and intelligent..." (0:55)

Helen tells Leonard, "We were worried about you."
Leonard: ”Why should you worry about me.” (0:59)

Henry asks Maragert, "Well, are you still worrying around after your young clerks?"
Margaret: ”How shockingly cynical.”
”We’re nearly demented. Mr. Wilcox, I am demented.” (1:02)

Dolly tells Margaret, referring to caretaker Miss Avery, "She’s so mad about Howards End." (1:20)

Margaret asks Helen, "Are you mad?"
Helen: ”If you like, I’m mad...” (1:26)

Helen tells Margaret, referring to Jacky Bast, "She fainted on the train." (1:27)

Henry tells Margaret, referring to Jacky, "She’s drunk."
Henry tells Jacky, ”You’re drunk.” (1:33)

Jacky tells Leonard, referring to Henry, "It was a shock seeing him." (1:35)

Margaret composes a note to Helen, referring to Jacky: "We found the woman drunk on the lawn." (1:38)

Helen tells her brother Tibby, "No doubt, people will think me mad." (1:f44)

Margaret tells Tibby, referring to Helen, "This is not temperament, but a kind of madness, as if she were mad." (1:52)

Tibby tells Henry, referring to Helen, "Our point is this: Our sister may be mad."
Henry’s son Charles: ”We’re all mad, more or less, these days.”
Henry: ”... but when it’s a case like this, when it is a case of madness...”
Margaret: ”I deny it’s madness.”
”It’s madness when I say it, but not when you say it.” (1:52)

Henry, referring to Helen: "Trouble seems to be nervous..." (1:55)

Margaret tells Helen, referring to Miss Avery, "I think she may be a little touched." (1:57)

Henry tells Margaret, "... that’s quite impossible, and that’s madness." (2:00)

Doctor, referring to Leonard: "... that could well be my diagnosis." (2:10)