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Humoresque (1946)

Joan Crawford, John Garfield
Vincent van Gogh
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His manager Frederick Bauer tells violinist Paul Boray, "Music is a compulsion, an obsession..." (0:02)

Pianist Sid tells Paul, "Depressed is my favorite word." (0:20)

Paul tells Sid, "We’re both crazy."
”I don't feel in the mood for a party.” (0:31)

Paul tells Sid, "I never thought I'd be so nervous."
Sid: ”That's when you can really begin to worry.” (0:50)

Victor Wright tells his wife Helen, "Rather like what you find in a van Gogh painting..." (0:51)

Helen tells Paul, "I'm in no mood to argue the point." (0:58)

Sid asks Helen, "Tell me, you ever get confused with all these spare mansions you have kicking around?... Personally I get confused in a hotel room..." (1:01)

Sid tells Helen and Paul the plot of a radio program: "Her boyfriend just discovered there's insanity in his family." (1:03)

Sid asks Paul’s cellist friend Gina, "Why don't we get drunk tog#ether?" (1:12)

Sid tells Paul’s grocery store proprietor father Rudy, "My psychoanalyst told me that it reminds me of something that happened to me in my youth." (1:25)

Victor tells Helen, referring to a friend, "Naturally, his wife, quite a personality in her own right, never liked that..." (1:28)

Helen’s friend Monte Loeffler tells bartender Teddy, "A French philosopher once listed three hundred ways of committing suicide, only he left one out: falling in love with an artist." (1:39)

Helen tells Sid and Paul, "Only a man who doesn't drink thanks black coffee sobers you up."
”You’re married to your work.” (1:40)

By telephone, Helen tells Paul, "I don't mean to worry you. You mustn't worry..." (1:49)

Intoxicated, Helen walks into the surf. (2:00)

Paul tells Sid, "Tell Bauer not to worry." (2:03)