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I, Robot

Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan, Alan Tudyk, James Cromwell, Bruce Greenwood, Adrian Ricard, Chi McBride, Jerry Wasserman, Fiona Hogan, Peter Shinkoda, Terry Chen
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A woman asks police detective Del Spooner, "Are you crazy?" (0:07)

Spooner asks a hologram of robotics manufacturing company founder Dr. Alfred Lanning, "Why would you kill yourself?" (0:11)

Robotics company cofounder Lawrence Robertson tells Spooner, "They’re just pre recorded responses, designed to give the impression of intelligence, and apparently this one was programmed to call you upon his suicide.."
”Suicide is a type of death, detective.”
”Suicide is a type of death detective. Look, please don’t misunderstand my impatience.” (0:13)

Dr. Susan Calvin tells Spooner, "I reviewed Dr. Lanning’s psych profile."
Spooner: ”So you’re a shrink, huh?”
”So would you say that Dr. Lanning was suicidal?”
Calvin: ”My general fields are advanced robotics and psychiatry...”
”Doesn’t that mean it has to be suicide?” (0:15)

Spooner tells Calvin, "Well, you’re the robot shrink."
Calvin: ”Are you crazy?”
Spooner: ”Does thinking you’re the last sane man on the face of the earth make you crazy?” (0:23)

Police Lieutenant John Bergin tells Spooner, "We have a suicide, detective."
”What are you, nuts?” (0:27)

Robot Sonny tells Spooner, "Dr. Lanning killed himself." (0:30)

Robertson tells Bergin, "Now anyone in your department so much as hinting at the possibility of a killer robot being apprehended by the police will be deemed to be inciting irrational panic." (0:32)

Television news reporter, referring to Lanning: "The cause of death is an apparent suicide." (0:33)

Spooner asks Calvin, "Are you crazy?"
Calvin, referring to Lanning: ”He postulated that cognitive simulacra might one day approximate models of the psyche.”
”This is bordering on clinical paranoia.”
Referring to robots: ”Well, they’re not irrational and potentially homicidal maniacs, for starters.”
Calvin’s robot tells Spooner, ”I detected elevated stress patterns in your voice.” (0:41)

His grandmother Gigi tells Spooner, "We’ve been cooking like crazy." (0:48)

Robertson tells Calvin, referring to Bergin and Spooner, "His own lieutenant acknowledges his obsessive paranoia... suspicion of mental instability."
Robertson tells Calvin, ”Just imagine the mass recalls, all because of an irrational paranoia and prejudice.” (1:11)

Lanning: "When does a perceptual schematic become consciousness?... When does the personality simulation become the bitter mote of a soul?" (1:17)

Calvin tells Spooner, "... but don’t worry." (1:27)

Sonny tells Calvin, "The suicidal reign of mankind has finally come to its end." (1:31)

Spooner tells Calvin, "I’m uncomfortable with heights."
Calvin, referring to V.I.K.I.: ”We’d have to figure out a way to... inject the nanites directly into her brain.” (1:34)

Calvin tells Spooner, referring to Lanning, "His suicide was the only message he could send to you." (1:42)