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In a Lonely Place

CastHumphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame, Frank Lovejoy, Carl Benton Reid, Art Smith, Jeff Donnell, Martha Stewart, Robert Warwick, Morris Ankrum, William Ching, Steven Geray
Year released1950
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DIxon’s Son-in-law Junior tells the others, "Pasadena’s out of its mind about it."
”Pop made a star out of a drunkard.” (0:04)

Fran tells screenwriter Dixon Steele, "You know my insomnia..." (0:06)

Hat check girl Mildred asks Dixon, "Are you a mindreader?" (0:13)

Police captain Loochner asks Dixon, "What’s your reaction, shock, horror, sympathy?"
Dixon: ”... I don’t see why the rest should worry you, that is unless you plan to arrest me for lack of emotion.” (0:18)

His agent Mel Lippman tells Dixon, "You were in one of those moods that keeps me awake all night." (0:25)

Dixon tells his neighbor Laurel Gray, "You’ know, you’re out of your mind." (0:30)

Dixon tells his detective friend Sgt. Brub Nicolai’s wife Sylvia, "Your first instinct was to grab his arm, try to loosen his grip."
”My artistic temperament wouldn’t permit it.”
”And now having sufficiently confused you, I have to go.”
Referring to Lochner: ”Tell him to look for a man like me, only without my artistic temperament...” (0:35)

Syliva tells Brub, "Look, when I took abnormal psychology, there was a case..." (0:37)

Laurel tells Dixon, "They were crazy about my work in the near North Side." (0:43)

Lochner tells Laurel, referring to pictures of murderers, "Each one is a ruthless maniac." (0:48)

Dixon strikes another driver in the head, rendering him unconscious. (0:59)

Laurel tells Dixon, "That doesn’t justify acting like a madman." (1:01)

Sylvia asks Laurel, "... why should that worry you?"
Laurel: ”I keep worrying about it. I stay awake nights...”
Sylvia: ”You’re too anxious.”
Laurel, referring to Dixon: ”He acted like a maniac.” (1:05)

Mel tells Laurel, "You don’t have to worry."
Referring to Dixon: ”Years ago, I tried to make him go and see a psychiatrist.”
”Dix is a tremendous ego.” (1:15)

Mel tells Dixon, "Brody’s been so impatient."
”I’m the guy that tried to talk Selznick out of doing Gone With the Wind.”
”I told you, he was impatient.”
Dixon strikes Mel in the head. (1:22)

Dixon tells Mel, "Brody’s crazy about the script." (1:24)

Brub tells Lochner, "I’m going to get drunk."
What the surgeon tells Brub and Lochner suggests that Mildred’s lover Henry Kesloer tried to kill himself.(1:25)

Laurel tells Dixon, "I can’t live with a maniac." (1:30)

Reference in Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

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