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Infernal Affairs

Andy Lau, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Anthony Wong Chau-Sang, Eric Tsang, Kelly Chen, Sammi Cheng, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue
cocaine | hashish
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Gang boss Hon Sam tells his henchmen, "Back then we were only selling hashish... Within one year, six of our brothers died." (0:03)

Police superintendent Wong Chi-shing: "Yan, you’ve been busted for assault three times, so I’m officially setting you up with the departmental shrink."
Undercover policeman Chan Wing-yan: ”Once we get the drugs, they’ll be put in our warehouse.” (0:11)

Funeral procession (0:13)

Senior Inspector Lau Kin-ming, pretending to be his lawyer, tells a suspect, "Don’t get nervous."
”Don’t worry.” (0:15)

Wong tells the others, "Our target is a major drug cartel." (0:18)

Undercover cop Chan Wing-yan pours white powder from a cigar, makes lines and insufflates through a rolled bill. (0:23)

Hon tells a Thai dealer, "Don’t worry." (0:25)

Hon’s henchman ‘Silly’ Keung: "Yo, the coke is all here."
Henchman Del Piero: ”Don’t be an idiot.”
Hon: ”Tell Keung to shout out that the cocaine is his.”
Del Piero: ”Keung, the boss wants you to shout out the cocaine is yours.”
Keung: ”The cocaine is yours.” (0:28)

Mole Lau Kin-ming’s writer fiance Mary answers him, "A man with 28 personalities..." (0:37)

By telephone, Chan tells Wong, "I’m seeing your damn shrink." (0:38)

Psychiatrist Lee Sum-yee tells Chan, "Pretty soon, your mandatory ‘therapy’ will end."
Chan: ”Can’t you prolong my treatment?... Might be schizophrenia.”
Lee: ”Therapy doesn’t cure headaches.” (0:39)

Hon: "So you’re not worried about me. You’re worried about yourself, Inspector Lau." (0:44)

Hon tells Yan, referring to Keung, "He’s nuts, you know." (0:47)

Mary tells Lau, "I’m getting worried." (0:51)

Yan sees Wong fall to his death. (1:01)

Keung tells Yan, "I’m no idiot." (1:05)

Lee hugs Yan. (1:26)

Lau listens to a recording left by Yan: "So you’re not worried about me. You’re worried about yourself, Inspector Lau." (1:2)

Another mole, Inspector B, tells Lau, "Now that Sam’s dead, you don’t have to worry." (1:34)

Title: "Six months later, Yan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Lee, uncovered personal files of the former cadet headmaster and proved Yan’s police identity." (1:35)

Memorial service for Yan (1:36)