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Stellan Skarsgård, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Gisken Armand, Maria Bonnevie
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His partner Erik Vik tells police detective Jonas Engström, "My memory fails me." (0:03)

The Chief of Police tells Jonas, referring to the suspect, "He panicked." (0:08)

Erik dies in Jonas’ arms. (0:22)

Jonas recalls the Chief telling him, "Don’t worry." (0:25)

Jonas tells the hotel clerk, "Don’t worry." (0:27)

Detective Arne Zakariassen tells Jonas, referring to the suspect, "Madman."
Jonas hallucinates Erik walking toward him in the hospital. (0:29)

Jonas tells the others, referring to the suspect, "He’s cold, calculating and thinks he’s more intelligent than the police." (0:30)

Jonas tells the clerk, "I once had a brother, but he died when I was eleven."
The clerk describes a man who came looking for Jonas as ”a bit nervous.” (0:38)

Frøya tells Jonas, "I was wasted."
Jonas: ”Too wasted to remember what happened?”
Frøya: ”That’s why I got wasted.”
Jonas: ”Was Tanja just as loaded?”
Frøya: ”Loaded?”
Jonas: ”Drunk.” (0:40)

Frøya tells Jonas, referring to Tanja and Tanja’s friend, "She had read one of his books, was completely hooked." (0:45)

Detective Hilde Hagen tells Jonas, referring to Erik, "I just heard his memory failed him." (0:50)

Author Jon Holt asks Jonas, "Do you suffer from acrophobia?" (0:57)

Holt answers Hilde, "Some youngsters who were very codependent." (1:04)

Unable to sleep, Jonas again hallucinates Erik. (1:10)

Jonas answers Hilde, "I’m not sleeping well." (1:11)

Holt tells Jonas, "You’re not quite sane. You don’t even sleep at night."
Jonas: ”Don’t worry.” (1:14)

Jonas tells Frøya, "We were worried about you."
Frøya tells Hilde, referring to Holt: ”He could get completely crazy.” (1:17)

Jonas tells the Chief, referring to Holt, "Panic." (1:30)

Insomnia (2002)